August 23-27, 2021 VPK.name as an information partner, it will broadcast the issues of the Video Diary of Innovations of the Army-2021 forum.

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The video diary of innovations of the forum “Army 2021 " is a series of video broadcasts about innovative products of the most advanced enterprises of the military-industrial complex. The broadcasts will be held from August 23 to 27, 2021, during the Army-2021 forum, and are aimed at the heads of the main enterprises and the command of the Ministry of Defense.

Daily broadcasts will be held on the site of the Army-2021 forum, on a large screen with an area of 15 square meters in the central pavilion C, in the leading military-industrial video channel TV. Mil. Press, in the largest military-industrial media of Russia and the closed information feed Mil.Press Key. Also, the materials of the broadcasts will be included in the "Final film" Forum Army-2021"", special films for the command of the Ministry of Defense. Thousands of specialists of the military-industrial complex and law enforcement agencies saw the broadcasts of previous years.

“As information partners, we do not attract all the media in a row, as is often the case at such events. First, it is important for us to focus the publication on the target audience in the form of the management of the main enterprises and / or the command of the Ministry of Defense. The second parameter is the coverage of the publication, since there are quite a lot of paper media with a circulation of literally hundreds of copies or electronic media with low attendance on the market of defense industry publications.

Military-Industrial Complex news – VPK.name ” as one of the largest and highest-quality industry media, it meets all our requirements. Therefore, we invited them to participate in this project, and they kindly agreed” " said the representative of the organizing committee of the Video Diary of Innovations.

Participants of the Video Diary of innovations of the forum "Army" will be: Krylov Scientific Center, manufacturer of multi-purpose radio-electronic systems "Radioavionika", one of the largest manufacturers of manipulator cranes in the interests of the Engineering Troops "Klintsovsky Crane Plant", a leading manufacturer of unmanned aircraft systems “Enix and other defense enterprises.

The special project consists of five video broadcasts, each of which will include no more than 10 stories about the products of the military-industrial complex enterprises. Thus, out of more than 500 enterprises participating in the Army-2021 forum, only 50 will be demonstrated in the Video Diary of Innovations and are guaranteed to receive the attention of potential customers.

Organizer: Mil Military Information Group.Press . Since 1998, it generates daily reports for the heads of the military-industrial complex and the command of the Ministry of Defense through open ( Mil.Press International, Mil.Press FlotProm, Mil.Press FLOT, Mil.Press TV ) and closed ( Mil.Press Key information feeds.

Organizer: Russia's leading military-industrial video channel Mil.Press TV . Videos with the first persons of the military-industrial complex enterprises about the developed VIVT, launched and modernized production facilities-strictly in the format "military-industrial complex-to the potential customer". The only media outlet is the owner of the status of "Priority Infopartner of the Army Forum". All videos are broadcast in the top 10 largest military media in the world with coverage of 600 ' 000 specialists of the military-industrial complex and law enforcement agencies. More than 1 ' 900 ' 000 views by military specialists.

Official Video Diary sites – Video diary.RUSSIAN Federation | ArmiaOnline. RF

The International military-Technical Forum "Army-2021 " will be held from August 22 to 28 in the Patriot Exhibition Center, at the Kubinka airfield and the Alabino training ground.

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