About the project

The range of tasks that States solve with the help of their countries military-industrial complexes is extremely wide and goes beyond providing armies with modern weapons or exporting them for political and economic purposes.

For many people, especially those who are inclined to consider the design and production of weapons exclusively inhumane and destructive, the role played by the need to constantly improve weapons in the evolution of civilization remains underestimated. The reality is that humanity continues to evolve mainly under the influence of the development of science and technology, which has always been at the forefront of improving the means and methods of warfare.

This project is based on the idea of creating a system that meets the needs of TOP management, analytical departments and press services of enterprises and organizations for information about events and trends in the Military-industrial Complex.

The portal made it possible to create conditions for military-industrial complex companies to increase their external business activity and get the effect of fully using modern technologies, while not burdening companies with concerns about the development and maintenance of such technologies. We offer companies of the military industrial complex (MIC) to become full participants in the project VPK.name.

By our actions, we strive to raise the prestige of defense industry products and enterprises not only among military - industrial complex specialists, but also to bring objective information to the General public and, first of all, to the future of our country-young people.

We try not only to collect all information related to the Russian defense industry, but also structure it and store it (on-line archive).

In order to increase efficiency in working with information, the portal VPK.name it offers a set of tools for solving a wide range of tasks.

We are always happy to communicate and are ready to cooperate. All services of the portal, except for advertising for military-industrial complex (MIC) enterprises, are free of charge.