Heavy industry news

KBM has developed a technology for obtaining a number of prototypes using 3D printing

The design Bureau of mechanical engineering (part of the holding NPO "high-Precision complexes" of the state Corporation rostec) introduces additive technologies in production.


MS-21 next year will receive a fully domestic composite wing - the first deputy chairman of the Board of the Military-Industrial Complex

the ms-21 medium-haul passenger aircraft will receive a fully domestic wing made of composite materials next year, first deputy chairman of the board of the military-industrial commission of the russian federation andrey yelchaninov said in an interview with interfax.


S. Bunits: "the decline of the tsvetmet market has been going on for five years"

As part of the business program of the Week of Metals in Moscow, the Russian Union of Suppliers of Metal Products (RSPM) held a round table of producers, suppliers and consumers of raw materials and rolled non-ferrous metals.


Prices continue to rise in the regional markets of metallurgical products

Suppliers of billets in the regions continue to steadily increase prices, which is facilitated by the continued rise in the cost of raw materials and the lack of supply of rolled products. In Turkey, since the beginning of December, scrap prices have increased by $40, and December scrap prices in the United States will rise by at least $50. The rapid increase in prices leads to the desire of consumers to the active purchasing at the best prices.


Polema spoke about the growing demand for materials for additive technologies

Polema powder metallurgy plant (part of PMH) took part in the III International conference on the practical application of additive technologies in various fields of production.


Creating new materials: TPU scientists told about modern technologies and promising projects

Team of the research center "Physical materials science and composite materials "(SIC FMCM) The research school of chemical and biomedical technologies of TPU conducted research in the development of new materials for renewable energy using nano - and microstructured flexible piezopolymer nano - and microgenerators, as well as bioactive materials based on RF-magnetron calcium-phosphate coatings.


Progress in the production of marine gas turbine engines in Russia

As reported by the airport web resource.EN in the article by Oleg Panteleev, "Admirals waited for aggregates", the United engine Corporation of rostec state Corporation in November 2020 shipped the first serial diesel-gas turbine unit M55R with M90FR engines to PJSC Severnaya Verf Shipbuilding plant for the project 22350 Admiral Golovko frigate under construction.


Rostec has increased the engine life for the Yak-130 four times

United engine Corporation Rostec has applied new materials and modern technologies to increase the engine life of the Yak-130 combat training aircraft.


Creation of metallurgical production for SSK Zvezda»

According to the newspaper "Kommersant" in the material of Eugene Zainullin, " the "Star" rolled metal. Rosneft has achieved the creation of a metal plant in Primorye, " Rosneft has decided to build a metallurgical plant in the far East to provide the Zvezda shipyard with rental services, the company's head Igor Sechin said at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.


On wings to space: the history of spaceplanes

the History of work on projects of various reusable aerospace systems goes back more than a dozen years. In April 1981, the first flight into orbit of the American Space Shuttle took place, and a little later the winged Buran flew into space.


Robots. Part of the time. Introductory

Today on the market there are 4 and a half representatives of the iron hands, which are very common. These are Fanuc, Yaskawa, ABB, Kuka (I won't mention rare earth samples). Next to them are Universal Robots-cool guys whose robots look like a nice pile of aluminum pipes and plugs, which are very actively promoted on the market.


Nust MISIS improves 3D printing technology for aerospace composites using oil production waste

Nust MISIS scientists have improved the technology of 3D printing from aluminum, achieving an increase in the hardness of products by one and a half times. The developed nanocarbon additive to aluminum powder obtained from products of associated petroleum gas processing will improve the quality of aerospace composites printed on a 3D printer.


Head of VSMPO-AVISMA: "We will continue to supply parts to Boeing»

Sergey Stepanov told RBC how a key titanium producer in the world survives a catastrophic drop in the number of orders from aircraft manufacturers, whether VSMPO-AVISMA helps the state and when the situation can be expected to normalize


In Russia, tested the nacelle with laminar flow

Specialists Of the Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute named after Zhukovsky tested a model of a motor nacelle with a natural laminar flow. According to the Institute, the nacelle is being developed for the promising dual-circuit turbofan engine PD-35. The checks were considered successful.

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Air defense of Belarus to be re-equipped with S-400
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Министр обороны России генерал армии Сергей Шойгу принял участие в заседании Совета Россия-НАТО
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Танковую броню предложили делать из проволоки
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"Angara" instead of "Yenisei": the Russian Academy of Sciences slowed down with a lunar rocket
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Перспективы газотурбинных двигателей ОАО АМНТК "Союз" для зарубежного рынка морских судов
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