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Multi-faceted Il-114

The unpretentious aircraft is able to operate in the conditions of the Far North

On the eve of 2021, a new Russian passenger aircraft IL-114-300 made its first flight. Completion of tests and certification is expected in 2022, and the start of serial deliveries - from 2023. It will also be used in military transport aviation. The unpretentious IL-114 and IL-112 are able to take off from airfields with short and not very high-quality runways, which is an absolute plus of the new machines.


Self-guided missile: US to test AGM-158C

Defense News: the US will test the "killer of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation"

The Pentagon will test the AGM-158C anti-ship missile, which in the United States is called the "killer of the Russian Black Sea Fleet". The missile has a range of about 950 km, is resistant to interference and is designed to detect targets using onboard sensors, without relying on guidance from a drone or a warship.


New contract of JSC "Motor-Sich" for the supply of AI-322 engines to China

As reported by the Ukrainian media, Motor-Sich JSC (Zaporozhye) has signed a contract for the supply of 400 more AI-322 dual-circuit turbojet engines used on Chinese L-15 (JL-10) combat training aircraft to China. The estimated cost of the contract is about $ 800 million.


Washington's Icy Ambitions

The new US naval strategy is aimed at confrontation with the Russian Federation and the People's Republic of China

The constant juggling of the United States with the terms "freedom of navigation" and" freedom of navigation " resulted in the demarche of the three military structures of the Pentagon: the Marine Corps, the Navy and the Coast Guard. The heads of these departments decided to join forces to ensure "freedom of navigation" in the Arctic region, in order to have "access to the bays" and fairways, which are the zone of exclusive economic interests of Russia. And this can be interpreted as the activation of US claims to foreign territorial waters.


Projects of the aircraft carrier "Varan" and the universal landing ship from the Nevsky PKB

As reported by the TASS news agency on January 18, 2021, JSC "Nevsky Design Bureau" (NPKB, part of JSC "United Shipbuilding Corporation") has developed two new projects of universal ships, in particular the universal sea ship (UMK) "Varan" and a new universal landing ship (UDC). This is stated in the materials of the NPKB, dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the enterprise and available to TASS.


"We found a way to beat Russia." What the Pentagon is up to

The Americans decided to develop the military direction of nuclear energy. So far, the current President, Donald Trump, has signed a decree on the development of low-power nuclear reactors for the armed forces and space exploration. For the first time in half a century, the United States will use nuclear energy not only in the Navy. About why Washington needs new compact reactors-in the material of RIA Novosti.


Russia insists, and Israel shoots

Russia calls on Israel to provide facts that indicate a threat to this country from the territory of Syria, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said at a press conference following the results of Russian diplomacy in 2020.


Network-centric wars. In the Russian Federation conducted exercises on a new type of combat

The Russian military for the first time reported on the conduct of network-centric exercises, during which self-propelled artillery installations (ACS) "Msta" were used, equipped with the equipment of a unified control system, RIA Novosti reports.


India will buy 21 MiG-29s and 12 Su-30MKI from Russia

India plans to buy 21 MiG-29s and 12 Su-30MKI aircraft from Russia, as well as to modernize the fourth-generation fighter models already available in New Delhi with the help of Moscow, The Times of India writes.


Two drones shot down in Libya

So far, there is no data on the types of aircraft and what means of destruction were used.

Despite the relative calm on the fronts, the parties continue to prepare for a possible escalation of the situation, exercises are being conducted, aerial reconnaissance, including with the help of drones.


Video: equipment from Russia showed its capabilities at the exercises in Algeria

Russian-made military equipment demonstrated its power at the exercises of the Algerian army.

During the training operations, both the latest models and those that have been used for a long time in the land forces of this state were used. For example, the BTR-60 PB armored personnel carriers developed in the 60s, which confidently hit targets with their 14.5-mm KPVT machine guns.


The Americans tested an attack drone by searching for a submarine

The American company General Atomics, together with the US Navy, tested the MQ-9A Block V Reaper unmanned aerial vehicle in an anti-submarine role. According to Defense News, during the tests, the device was used to search for an underwater target that simulates a submarine. The tests were conducted as part of the MQ-9B SeaGuardian maritime patrol drone development project.


US Air Force B-52H strategic bombers made the fifth flight in two months near the borders of Iran

A pair of US strategic bombers B-52H Stratofortress on Sunday made a new non-stop flight to the Middle East to "demonstrate readiness to ensure regional stability," said the Central Command of the US Armed Forces.


"Uncovered areas": where the US Navy aimed weapons

"Contain and win" - the chief of Staff of the US Navy, Admiral Michael Gilday, presented a "Navigation Plan" for the next decade. The main thing in the document is that the American fleet should dominate the world's oceans. The goal of global control is a quiet and well-fed life for Americans at home. However, the text clearly shows undisguised aggression against other countries. What the admirals from Washington are up to-in the material of RIA Novosti.


Upgraded Su-25 attack aircraft captured on video in the skies of Peru

A rare video of flights of upgraded Su-25K and Su-25UBK attack aircraft of the Peruvian Air Force has appeared on the Network. The aircraft were improved as part of an agreement between the local aircraft repair plant SEMAN Peru SAC and Rosoboronexport, writes Dambiev.


Because of the Russian "Orions", oil did not reach Turkey

The Lebanese media "Al-Masdar News" denied the information that Russian fighters were involved in the destruction of oil tankers in Syria.


Repurposed as scouts: what will happen to the "open sky" aircraft"

Russian "open sky" aircraft will be re-equipped for military intelligence

After Russia's final withdrawal from the Open Skies Treaty, the Tu-214ON aircraft are planned to be used for intelligence purposes, two military and diplomatic sources told the media. Military observer " Newspaper.En " Mikhail Khodarenok analyzed the situation with the open sky aircraft.


India intends to replenish its force due to the "MiGs" and "crackers»

The Indian authorities have officially announced their intention to purchase 21 MiG-29 and 12 Su-30MKI fighters from Russia, the Times of India newspaper informs.


wPolityce (Poland): the war is getting closer. Russian weapons for Belarus

The author writes with concern about the integration of the armed forces of Russia and Belarus. Minsk plans to buy S-400 and new air defense systems, Russian helicopters and aircraft. Belarus does not have money for the S-400,but the complexes may appear there in the event of the creation of a Russian base. Poland is very concerned about this fact.


"Many people thought impossible," Branson launched the satellites from under the wing

Billionaire Branson launched 10 satellites from an airplane]

Billionaire Richard Branson finally managed to launch a rocket with 10 satellites from a Boeing 747. His company expects to occupy a niche of such launches and reduce the cost of putting small satellites into orbit.

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