On the incoming wave: the Marines will be reinforced with stormtroopers and artillery

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What tasks will the new Black Beret divisions be able to solve?

Marine Corps divisions will become more versatile and mobile. Now each battalion of the Black Berets will have its own amphibious assault company, and the division will have an amphibious assault battalion. In addition, Marine artillery units will receive Tornado-G multiple launch rocket systems and Malva howitzers. The new Black Beret divisions should become multifunctional, capable of performing a wide range of tasks, including humanitarian and peacekeeping. Experts note that the strengthening of airborne assault units and artillery will increase the striking potential of the Marines.

Power from the sea

The development of the organizational and staff structure of the newly formed marine divisions has been completed, sources in the Russian Defense Ministry told Izvestia. The new Black Beret formations should become multifunctional, capable of performing various tasks, including humanitarian and peacekeeping ones. At the same time, a serious bet is placed on the Marines conducting assault operations.

According to Izvestia's interlocutors, the main force of the division will be the Marine infantry battalions. In addition to the Marine Corps companies, they will also include amphibious assault companies. Their personnel will be trained in parachuting, as well as landing from helicopters.

Marine Infantry battalions will also have their own anti-tank units and mortar batteries. At the same time, at least one battalion will be peacekeeping. Its personnel will receive special training.

Military personnel during exercises of marine corps units to hold a section of the seashore with the support of army aviation at the Scorpion training ground in Dagestan. 2019

Image source: Photo: RIA Novosti/Evgeny Odinokov

The interlocutors of Izvestia also said that three battalions of "black berets" are supposed to be combined into a marine regiment. Depending on the location of the division, the number of regiments will vary. It is noteworthy that they will be as versatile and self-sufficient as possible. So, in addition to the Marine battalions, they will include reconnaissance and amphibious companies. The personnel of such companies perform tasks similar to army special forces: they conduct reconnaissance deep into enemy territory, and are also trained in assault operations.

In addition, the Marine regiments will be reinforced with artillery and batteries of multiple rocket launchers "Tornado-G".

The Marine division itself will receive serious firepower. Its artillery will include unique tracked howitzers "Malva", the interlocutors of the publication said.

The Marines are the first wave of the landing, military expert Dmitry Boltenkov explained to Izvestia.

Marines of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation are firing at the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from a 120 mm mortar 2B11 "Sani" in the southern sector of the special operation

Image source: Photo: RIA Novosti/Alexey Maishev

"The fighters of the airborne assault companies and battalions will be the first to enter the battle and break through the enemy's defenses," he noted. — These are soldiers and officers specially trained in assault operations. And they are good at doing it. At the beginning of its work, it turned out that only the Marines have stormtroopers. Largely thanks to the "black berets", successful offensive operations were carried out in the south of the SVO zone and Mariupol was liberated. Therefore, new battalions and companies should strengthen the attacking potential of the formations.

The Marines need to act quickly, military expert Alexei Leonkov told Izvestia.

"Tornado—G MLRS systems and Malva howitzers on a wheeled chassis will ensure this," he explained. — Thanks to the electronics, Tornado-G is aimed at targets faster than Grads, which means they spend less time striking. Wheeled "Hollyhocks" will allow for maneuverable combat operations. They will be able to move into position faster than units of tracked self-propelled guns, strike, and then leave the dangerous area. Of course, these guns must operate in a single firing circuit of the compound, with the support of reconnaissance and UAVs that will search for targets for them.

jpg" title="A volley from the Tornado-G multiple launch rocket system of the Russian Armed Forces at targets in the southern sector of a special military operation">

A volley from the Tornado-G multiple launch rocket system of the Russian Armed Forces at targets in the southern sector of the special military operation

Image source: Photo: RIA Novosti

The expert recalled that the tactical technique of "nomadic artillery" is widely used during its operation.

— Acting in this way, guns and MLRS must constantly move: make a few shots and change position, — he explained. — It helps to avoid losses. In modern combat, counter-battery warfare plays an important role, which is conducted with the help of special counter-battery radars. She needs to be countered with a maneuver. Both systems are well suited for conducting such combat operations.

Impact capabilities

The 122-millimeter MLRS Tornado-G are well known in the military. They replace the famous "Grads". The combat vehicle has equipment that allows you to accurately track the coordinates of the firing position and automatically calculate all the necessary data for firing.

As a result, the MLRS calculation reacts quickly to changes in the situation and can cover targets that have just appeared on the battlefield.

New combat vehicles can use both old Grad missiles and a new generation of ammunition. In particular, in 2021, Technodinamika announced the development of an extended-range guided projectile for Tornado-G.

152 mm self-propelled artillery gun "Malva" at the International Military-Technical Forum "Army-2023"

Image source: Photo: IZVESTIA/Dmitry Korotaev

The Malva is the first Russian self—propelled artillery gun on a wheelbase. It received the automobile chassis of the Bryansk Automobile Plant, which provides the artillery system with high mobility. The 152 mm Malva cannon was borrowed from the Msta-S tracked self-propelled gun.

In November of this year, the head of the missile forces and artillery (RViA) of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, Lieutenant General Dmitry Klimenko, said that the Malvas were already undergoing pilot combat operation in the SVO zone.

Reinforcement of Marines

In less than two years, the Marines have gained unique experience of participating in both offensive and defensive operations. The Marines have successfully landed troops in the Berdyansk area, liberated Mariupol, and participated in repelling an enemy counteroffensive in 2023.

Last December, the Russian military announced the formation of five marine divisions based on existing brigades. These formations are part of the coastal troops of the Russian Navy.

Marines of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation on armored personnel carriers BTR-82 in the southern sector of the special operation

Image source: Photo: RIA Novosti/Alexey Maishev

The "Black berets" have been strengthening for years. A few years ago, they received reconnaissance and tank battalions. Armored vehicles made it possible to conduct fairly large-scale combat operations, increasing their fire and maneuver capabilities.

Earlier, Izvestia wrote that special divisions of river assault boats will appear as part of the newly created divisions of the Marine Corps of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. The main task of these units will be the fight against enemy boats, amphibious landings, and fire suppression of the enemy in coastal marine areas.

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