The most effective weapon of Russia in the area of its military operation has been named

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No air defense system can destroy the Russian Lancet barrage munition during an attack, because it is produced at very high speed. This was told by a military expert, director of the Museum of Air Defense Forces Yuri Knutov. In a conversation with Lenta.<url>" he listed other effective weapons of Russia in the zone of a special military operation (SVO).

Knutov noted that today the Lancet barrage munition destroys enemy targets with high accuracy.

"He can maneuver like a bird, but on screens he sometimes freezes in the air, and the missile guidance stations simply lose him. The latest model is when you can launch three Lancets, and they will be controlled by one track, independently find goals through the use of artificial intelligence elements — this is a technology that is ahead of many countries of the world," the expert said.

He also called high-explosive aerial bombs: FAB-250, FAB-500 and FAB-1500 effective weapons of Russia.

"A managed planning and correction module is installed on them. These bombs are three times more powerful than the Iskander. Their range is also quite serious. It allows our Su-34s not to enter the enemy's air defense zone, but at the same time destroy the most powerful defensive fortifications of the Ukrainian army," Knutov said.

In addition, we have now launched Tornado-S, which are multiple rocket launchers with a missile range of 120 kilometers and the ability to aim each missile individually at a target in the same way as HIMARS does. But HIMARS has a range of 80 kilometers

Yuri Knutov

military expert

"Coalitions-SV also appeared at the front with a firing range of 70 kilometers. This is also a unique artillery system. In terms of rate of fire, it surpasses the Panzerhaubitze 2000 even in multiple launch mode. In addition, the self—propelled gun has very good driving characteristics," the military expert said.

The director of the Museum of Air Defense Forces called Ka-52 helicopters another effective Russian technique. According to him, they show themselves in the best way in the area of their own.

"In general, the helicopter showed good survivability and firepower. His weapons are changing to more powerful ones, and MANPADS missile protection systems are being improved. That is, it is a helicopter that can even be called a flying tank to some extent," he explained.

According to Knutov, the T-90M "Breakthrough" tank also shows very good results.

"I believe that without these tanks, our military would have had a much more difficult time on the battlefield, given that the T-90M Breakthrough is superior to the Leopard of the latest modification. In addition, you can pay attention to air defense systems. First of all, the Buk-M3 and the Pantsir-S, which takes on a significant part of the work to combat both drones and missiles. These are the systems that are most in demand in the military today," he said.

I'm not even talking about our Geranium drones, Kalibr cruise missiles, Kinzhal hypersonic missiles — all this proved to be very good during a special military operation. The bet is on the fact that there is more of such equipment

Yuri Knutov

military expert

Earlier it was reported that the landing of the Russian Armed Forces made a successful attack on the AFU on the banks of the Dnieper River in the Kherson region, defeating the enemy with the help of Lancet barrage ammunition.

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04.12.2023 09:09
30мм шестиствольные ЗАК по всей длине Крымского мости, но при этом обеспечить дальнее обнаружение АТАКМС и КР. Верхнюю часть  строения главного пролета моста оборудовать АФАР,  на побережье, включая мачты мобильной связи, также аэростаты на растяжках.
Научимся мост защищать, перейдем на столицы регионов. Это состояние ПВО навсегда.
Газа это затея Израиля на выселение арабов в Синай и они добьются деньгами(столетиями они воевали мешками золота). Идея до последнего украинца из той-же оперы  освободить территорию под вариант Б иудеев, 1000 лет назад хазар разогнали  русичи по германиям и польшам с прочими.
Короче, все силы на защиту моста, пока не будет ВЧ зениток.
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