Almost 290 enterprises became participants of the MVMS-2023 in Kronstadt

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Within the framework of the salon, 24 events of the scientific and business program were held

KRONSTADT, June 25. /tass/. About 290 scientific and industrial enterprises took part in the XI International Naval Salon (MVMS-2023), which was held for the first time on the territory of the tourist and recreational cluster "Island of Forts" in Kronstadt. This was reported by the organizing committee of the exhibition, the strategic media partner of which is TASS.

"MVMS-2023, organized by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, presented a rich exhibition program with the participation of 122 expositions, including stands of companies from Russia, India (BrahMos Aerospace) and Belarus (Integral, NPK Kontakt, NIIEMM). The total number of participating enterprises was 289. Within the framework of the salon, 24 events of the scientific and business program were held. According to the results of the salon, more than 20 agreements were concluded. During the work of the salon, its events were attended by more than 20 thousand people - industry specialists, representatives of foreign delegations, as well as residents of Kronstadt and tourists," the organizing committee reported.

It was noted there that the key participants of the MVMS-2023 were the largest Russian corporations, leading manufacturers of military equipment, ships and their equipment systems: United Shipbuilding Corporation, Rostec State Corporation, Orion Research and production Enterprise, Almaz-Antey Concern of East Kazakhstan Region, NPP Radar mms, Krylov State Scientific The center, the Ak Bars Shipbuilding Corporation, the Tactical Missile Armament Corporation (KTRV), the VSMPO-Avisma Corporation, as well as the Far Eastern Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Center. At the same time, according to the organizing committee, the stand of the Marine Instrumentation Corporation will remain on a permanent basis in the format of a training center to function on the territory of the Island of Forts cluster.

Unique exhibits

The main event, exhibit and object of the Museum of Naval Glory in the cluster "Island of Forts" in Kronstadt was the first Soviet nuclear submarine K-3 "Leninsky Komsomol", which was restored at the Kronstadt Marine Plant (part of the USC). And the largest exposition at MVMS-2023 was presented by USC - over 30 projects from the design bureaus (PCB) of the corporation, including submarines developed by the Central Committee of MTB Rubin (Amur 1650, Amur 950, Amur e600, Talisman-2) and SPMBM Malachite ("P-750B", "Triton-2"). Models of surface ships from the Nevsky Design Bureau, the Northern Shipyard, the Almaz Central Design Bureau, the Northern Design Bureau, the Admiralty Shipyard, the Sredne-Nevsky Shipyard and the Vimpel Design Bureau.

Within the framework of the salon by the Instrument Engineering Design Bureau (as part of the NGO "High-precision Complexes") the newest ship-based anti-aircraft complex "Pantsir-ME" was presented. According to the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation, this complex has a great export future. Rosoboronexport demonstrated to foreign partners the shipboard radar complexes "Zaslon" and "Mineral-ME", as well as the coastal missile complex "Rubezh-ME", models of surface ships and submarines. Radio engineering company "RATEP" (part of the concern of East Kazakhstan region "Almaz-Antey") for the first time showed a mock-up of the Komar turret installation.

Concern "Marine underwater weapon - gidropribor" (as part of KTRV) for the first time presented a new universal small-sized torpedo UMT and a modern sonar detection station for small underwater targets "Mayak-S". In addition, other KTRV developments were demonstrated at the exhibition, including the UGST deep-sea torpedo, the ET-1E and TE-2 electric torpedoes and the small-sized anti-submarine complex "Paket-E/NK" with an integrated anti-torpedo.

Ships participating in the salon

As part of the MVMS-2023, 27 units of weapons, military and special equipment were shown, including the diesel-electric submarines Kronstadt and Ufa, the large landing ship Ivan Gren, the corvette Stoyky, the small rocket ships Serpukhov and Sovetsk, and the small airborne landing ship The Mordovia air cushion and the Midshipman Lermontov landing craft. "Ivan Gren", "Stoyky", "Serpukhov" and "Sovetsk" were opened for visiting.

In addition, during the exhibition, a rowing race on sea boats for the prize of the Commander-in-chief of the Russian Navy and a children's sailing regatta for the cup of the Commander-in-chief of the Navy took place. There was also a performance of the famous aerobatic group "Swifts" on MiG-29 fighters.

The MVMS-2023 program

The organizing committee informed that 24 events were held within the business program of the salon, including a meeting, 12 round tables, 4 conferences, a plenary session, a presentation, a forum and 4 technical sessions. In particular, the XII International Conference "Navy and Shipbuilding in Modern conditions" was held. The participants of one of the round tables discussed the development of the Northern Sea Route in the conditions of competition and the sanctions policy of the West.

For the first time, much attention was paid to military medicine and biology within the framework of the salon. In particular, the experts discussed the situation due to the destruction of the Kakhovskaya HPP. Thus, associate professor of the Department of Military Field Therapy of the Kirov Military Medical Academy Vladimir Kuzmich warned about the danger of the spread of cholera in flooded areas due to the breakthrough of the hydroelectric dam. In turn, the head of the Radiation, Chemical and Biological Protection Troops (RHBZ) Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation told TASS on the sidelines of the exhibition that the RCBZ troops and emergency workers are decontaminating the area affected by the flood after the destruction of the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station.

Earlier, the MVMS, which takes place every two years, gathered participants on the territory of the St. Petersburg Lenexpo. Its business part was held in pavilions, and the exhibits of the industry were exhibited in a Galley Bucket. In 2021, the salon was held in St. Petersburg at the Expoforum Convention and Exhibition Center without visitors. 

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