The Army-2022 Forum opens in Patriot Park

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MOSCOW, Aug 15 — RIA Novosti. The International Military-Technical Forum "Army-2022" opens on August 15 and will last until Sunday at the Patriot Convention and Exhibition Center, where about 1.5 enterprises of the defense industrial complex (MIC) of Russia will present more than 1,000 new models of military equipment. The Russian Defense Ministry plans to conclude contracts worth more than 522 billion rubles at the forum.

Russian President Vladimir Putin will take part in the opening ceremony of the Army-2022 forum and the Army International Games, the Kremlin's press service reported. The Head of State will also visit the exhibition grounds of promising models of military equipment in the Patriot Park.

Business program

The Russian Defense Ministry plans to sign 36 state contracts with the defense industry worth more than 522 billion rubles during the International Military-Technical Forum "Army-2022", Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said earlier.

According to him, 289 scientific and business events will be held, which is almost twice as much as last year. More than 50 foreign defense departments expressed their desire to attend the forum. About 1.5 thousand enterprises and organizations, including foreign ones, plan to present samples of their products. Developments in the field of artificial intelligence, radio-electronic and information technologies will be demonstrated.

New products

Many defense industry enterprises have already announced a number of new products of the forum.

Thus, Rostec will present at the Army-2022 international military-technical forum the latest communications complex for the promising Checkmate light fighter, a unified command and staff vehicle for automated control of batteries and divisions of jet and missile systems, a wearable small-sized complex of radio intelligence and counteraction to drones, the latest communication systems for aviation.

For the first time, a robotic BMP-3 without a crew will participate in the dynamic display. The robot machine is a joint project of the enterprises of the holding "High—Precision Complexes" - Kurgan Machine-Building Plant and the Signal Research Institute, the robot will be controlled remotely during the show. The machine is equipped with a combat module "Tit", which was robotic.

In total, Rostec will show more than 1,000 samples of weapons and military equipment at the "Army". In particular, the Uralvagonzavod concern will present equipment that has successfully proven itself in combat operations. Including the T-90MS tank, the Terminator BMPT tank support vehicle, a prototype of a combined-arms universal exoskeleton, the frame of which covers the entire body.

"This year we will show a prototype of an ergonomic combined-arms universal exoskeleton complex. Such an exocomplex significantly increases the effectiveness of the fighter. Reduces energy costs and increases the accuracy of shooting from automatic weapons. The design is based on lightweight and durable modules made of composite materials. They make up the frame of the exoskeleton — the torso, pelvis, legs, feet, arms, neck," First Deputy Director General of the state corporation Vladimir Artyakov said in an interview with RIA Novosti.

On the eve of the forum, the Kalashnikov concern told reporters that from this year a new microwave sniper rifle will begin to arrive in the troops to replace the SVD.

In addition, aircraft missiles "Whirlwind" are being adapted for use with Mi-family helicopters, experimental design work is underway. Today, the Ka-52 attack helicopters, which are actively used in special operations, are equipped with "Whirlwinds".

During the SVO, a new modification of the MIC-Ural armored car was developed, one of which will also be shown at Army-2022. We are talking about the "MIC-Ural" with a load-bearing body.


Also, according to the results of the use in a special military operation, the boat of project 03160 "Raptor" was modernized. It will be presented at the Army-2022 forum as part of the exposition of the Main Command of the Navy by the Pella Shipbuilding Plant. Combat characteristics have been improved on the boat, a more effective protection system has been installed, and work has been carried out on the import substitution of the engine.

The United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC) will present at the forum promising multifunctional marine complexes based on a single unified platform, a hydrofoil catamaran HSC 150 V (vessels are built at the Vimpel SSZ), a cruise passenger vessel of the PV300 project.

Among the striking examples of underwater equipment this year are the products of the Rubin Design Bureau (part of the USC), which for the first time will show the marine uninhabited underwater vehicles "Klavesin—2R-PM" at the Army-2022 forum. The new device is being created for the Russian Ministry of Defense and is designed for survey and search functions, and also solves the tasks of scientific research of the World Ocean in deep-water areas.

A model of a remote-controlled uninhabited underwater vehicle of the working class "KIT-3000" will also be presented. The project is intended for underwater work on the laying and maintenance of offshore trunk pipelines."

The military special operation in Ukraine has shown the urgency of creating new mines against amphibious landings. Thus, the Central Research Institute of Precision Engineering (Tsniitochmash) will show the latest anti-amphibious mine PDM-MD for the defense of coastal zones. The mine is designed for use in water and air environments.


The UAC exposition will be presented at the UAC Demo Center on the territory of the Patriot Convention and Exhibition Center and at the Kubinka airfield. This year, the demonstration of the fifth-generation Su-57 fighter will be held in the immediate vicinity of the building of the congress center of the Patriot Exhibition Center.

According to the UAC, in the UAC Demo Center, guests will be able to see a multimedia exposition and a line of combat, transport, strategic and special aviation aircraft produced by the corporation's enterprises in the form of models Su-34, Su-35, Su-57, Su-30SM, Yak-130, Yak-152, Il-78MK-90A, IL-76MD-90A, Il-112B, Tu-160, Tu-22M3, Tu-95MS, MiG-31, MiG-35, MiG-29K and Be-200. At the Kubinka airfield, a part of the model range of aircraft mass-produced and modernized by UAC enterprises will be presented in a static exposition. Here, in the flight program of the forum, it is planned to show aircraft in service with the Russian Aerospace Forces.

In the Demo Center of the UAC on the territory of the Patriot Convention and Exhibition Center, a special historical exposition will also be organized for the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Tupolev Design Bureau, which will show the milestones of the 100-year path of the design bureau, which created many unique samples of aviation equipment.

Export potential

Rosoboronexport will present more than 200 modern weapons samples to delegations from 50 countries at the military-technical forum, the company's press service reported on Thursday.

Rosoboronexport will host more than 70 delegations from 50 countries from various regions of the world during the VIII International Military-Technical Forum "Army-2022" <...> In 2022, over a thousand samples will be demonstrated at the sites of the Army Forum, and Rosoboronexport will present more than 200 samples of modern Russian export-oriented products as part of its exposition for all types of the armed forces," Alexander Mikheev, CEO of the ROE, is quoted in the message.

According to him, on the sidelines of the forum, the Russian special exporter expects to sign a number of important contracts and agreements with foreign customers and Russian manufacturers.

"In 2022, for the first time, the most promising samples will be concentrated in the demonstration zone of Rosoboronexport — in a specialized static exposition near the company's pavilion. Participants and guests of the forum will be able to get acquainted with the T-14 Armata tank, the Octopus-SDM1 light floating tank, the K-17 Boomerang wheeled infantry fighting vehicle <...>, as well as the Tor-E2 anti-aircraft missile system and the complex that have proven themselves as effective means of combating unmanned aerial vehicles countering the RB-504P-E UAV ("Snare")," the message says.

In addition, ROE expects a great interest of customers and visitors to the Orlan-10E UAVs and the new Orlan-30 UAVS exhibited at Army-2022, as well as the Kub-E barrage ammunition.

Orbital segment

As previously reported in Roscosmos, at the Army-2022 forum, the public will be shown for the first time a mock-up of a new Russian orbital station, the preliminary design of which is currently being prepared by the Rocket and Space Corporation (RSC) Energia.

Among other novelties that have not been shown to the general public before, the state corporation will show the Marker robotic complex, which has already been tested as a mobile security complex at the Vostochny cosmodrome, as well as ultra-economical and high-resource propulsion systems of spacecraft based on Hall and ion engines.

In addition, the forum will feature mock-ups of Angara-1.2, Rokot-M, Soyuz-2, Soyuz-2.1v, Soyuz-5, Proton-M, Angara-A5, Angara-A5M andAngara-A5B", upper stages "Briz-M", "Frigate-SB" and KVTK, spacecraft "Electro-L", "Arctic-M", "Obzor-R", "Resource-PM", "Stork-2D", "Stork-2T", "Glonass-K, Skif and Marathon, the International Space Station, the Soyuz MS manned spacecraft and a new generation manned transport vehicle, as well as the launch complex for Angara rockets at the Vostochny Cosmodrome.

Roscosmos enterprises will also demonstrate products created as part of diversification - therapeutic pressure chambers, a model of a hydraulic fracturing fleet and a model of a monorail transport system.

The General Director of Roscosmos, Yuri Borisov, as reported in the state corporation, will take part in the opening ceremony of the Army-2022 forum and make a welcoming speech at the plenary session.

Moscow Security Conference

On August 16, the X Moscow Conference on International Security will be held at the educational and methodological center for military-patriotic education of youth "Avangard" in Patriot Park. The conference program includes the most pressing issues of global and regional security.

The Conference provides an opportunity for the defense departments of the participating countries to bring together their positions on key global issues, the discussion of which will contribute to the growth of mutual understanding and transparency of military activities. The proposals and initiatives developed as a result of the Conference will serve to strengthen international security and stability.

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