"Malva", "Chisel" and "Quasimatch": what novelties were shown at the Army-2023 forum

Image source: Максим Блинов/РИА Новости

The Russian Defense Industry presented a number of promising new products at the Army-2023 forum

Within the framework of the current International Military-Technical Forum "Army-2023", the Russian military-industrial complex once again presented all its current developments in the field of weapons, military and special equipment. About novelties and promising models of weapons - in the material of the military observer "Gazeta.Ru" by Mikhail Khodarenka.

From Berezhka to Triton

Heavy armored vehicles traditionally occupy one of the leading places in Russian forums. To the left of the main entrance of Army-2023, Russian main battle tanks T-90M, T-72B3, T-80BVM, as well as infantry fighting vehicles BMP-3 and BMP-2 with combat modules "Berezhok" are displayed.

For the first time, a super-protected version of the Tiger-M armored car in the "Mad Max" version is shown at the forum. The new modification of the Tiger received mounted armor plates that protect the wheels, doors, radiator grille, windshield and hood from small arms bullets and shrapnel. The armored car is equipped with a 12.7-mm or 7.62-mm PKTM Cord machine gun, as well as a Cloud curtain system. The weight of the car is 7.8 tons, the crew is 9 people.

A new version of the AMN-590911 Spartak armored car equipped with a 57-mm SAZP-57 cannon of the S-60 anti-aircraft artillery complex was presented at the forum. To destroy ground-based armored targets in the SAZP-57, unitary shots with armor-piercing tracer shells are used.

The visitors also drew attention to the T-72BZM tank with the installed Triton modular suppression system. The complex is designed to protect against FPV drones (First Person View, first person view) in four bands (in the bands 868\915\1300\2400 MHz). The control is carried out by means of a remote control for maximum operator safety. Both autonomous operation from the built-in battery and power from the vehicle's on-board network is possible.

Non-serial samples

As before, samples of weapons and military equipment are presented at the static site of the MVTF "Army-2023", which have not yet been put into mass production and are still not supplied in the required quantities to the active army.

In the first place among them is, of course, the T-14 Armata. This is a Russian main battle tank with an uninhabited turret based on the Armata universal tracked platform. The tank is equipped with a single tactical link control system that connects all objects with the help of software and hardware interaction complexes.

On the one hand, the T-14 Armata is the latest development in the field of tank construction in Russia, which uses the most advanced technologies and powerful weapons. For the first time the car was shown at the parade in 2015. On the other hand, eight years have passed and so far there is not a single tank battalion equipped with tanks of this type in the troops. There is also no data on how the car proved itself during its military operation, although there was information that the T-14 was sent to the combat zone.

Image source: Alina Jus/"Newspaper.Ru"

Next, the B-10 armored personnel carrier on the Kurganets-25 platform is demonstrated on a static platform. As the main armament in the B-10, a 12.7 mm 6P49 machine gun, stabilized in two planes, is used - a tank version of the Korda. Its ammunition is 800 rounds. The range of hitting targets during the day is 3000 meters, at night - 1500 meters. The weight of the module without cartridges is 1000 kg. The combat weight of the B-10 armored personnel carrier is 25 tons. The crew is three people, and the landing party is eight. Engine power - 750 hp. Clearance - 450 mm. The power reserve is 800 km. For the first time, the Kurganets-25 platform was presented to the general public at the parade on May 9, 2015. The B-10 armored personnel carrier was shown for the first time at the MVTF in 2022. There is still no car in the series, it is not supplied to the troops.

All of the above fully applies to the B-11 infantry fighting vehicle based on the Kurganets-25 platform. There is also still no car in the series. In the same row is the promising medium-wheeled unified combat platform "Boomerang", developed by LLC "Military-Industrial Company". For the first time, the car was presented at a closed show at the Russia Arms EXPO in 2013. It is not supplied to the troops. But there is already a significantly simplified version of the "Boomerang". There are chances that it will be launched in the series.

Army Premieres

And, finally, the premiere of the MVTF "Army-2023" is a 152-mm interspecific artillery complex 2S43 "Malva" on the chassis of a four-wheel drive car BAZ-6610-027 "Voschina" with an 8X8 wheel formula produced by the Bryansk Automobile Plant.

The ACS was created within the framework of the ROC "Sketch". The 152-mm rifled howitzer 2A64 with a barrel length of 47 calibers is used as a combat weapon, identical to the gun of the ACS 2S19 "Msta-S". The Malva project is based on the concept of a highly mobile lightweight artillery system on a wheeled chassis. The maximum firing range of conventional high-explosive shells (OFS) reaches 24 km, active-reactive (APC) - up to 30 km.

Recall, the Swedish ACS Archer - respectively 30 km of the OFS and 40 km of the APC. However, when firing an Excalibur projectile, the firing range already reaches 50 km, and according to some estimates - up to 60 km. The indicators of the French CAESAR self-propelled gun are 30/42/49 km, respectively. German self-propelled artillery installation PzH 2000 - 30-50 km OFS, 67 km - active-rocket projectile.

The self-propelled artillery installation 2C35 "Coalition-SV", which has been developed since the mid-2000s, could match and surpass Western models. The first 2C35 prototype machines were built in 2013-2014 and were put to the test at the same time. On May 9, 2015, this technique was first shown to the public. In 2019, the ACS fired at a range of 80 km . Tests of the 2C35 product are continuing, and they are planned to be completed by the end of this year. At the same time, serial production has already been mastered. The troops do not yet have a single artillery brigade equipped with guns of this type.

A promising Russian heavy armored repair and evacuation vehicle based on the Armata universal tracked platform was demonstrated at Army-2023. Due to special equipment, it is able to provide assistance to stuck, damaged or damaged armored vehicles of all classes.

On the frontal part of the BRAM body there is a bulldozer blade with a hydraulic drive. When pulling out the equipment, it is used as a stop, and when the crane-manipulator is running, it performs the functions of an additional support-a jack. To the left of the cabin is the main crane, capable of lifting loads weighing at least 2 tons. In the stern on the starboard side there is another crane with a smaller load capacity. The main winch is placed inside the case to work with stuck equipment.

At the disposal of the crew there is a set of various tools and instruments necessary for minor repairs in the field. Repairs are carried out, including at the expense of the transported set of spare parts.

The unmanned armored car "Chisel" was also shown to the public for the first time at the MVTF "Army-2023". The curb weight of the Chisel is 13,300 kg, and the full weight reaches 16,000 kg. The carrying capacity of the armored car is 2700 kg. The engine power is 350 hp. The maximum speed on the highway reaches 100 km / h. The forum demonstrates a variant of the machine equipped with a 23-mm rapid-fire anti-aircraft gun ZU-23-2.

If necessary, the Chisel can bring ammunition, other material means, take part in the evacuation of the wounded. It is reported that the machine allows you to recharge the batteries of radio transmitters and reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicles.

"Griffin" on a leash

Among other things, the widest range of unmanned aerial vehicles was presented at the MVTF "Army-2023". Among them is the "Griffin-61T", which is a tethered copter. With the help of a cable, power is supplied to it, and it can stay at an altitude of 100 meters for a week. The payload of the UAV is eight kilograms. A video camera, a thermal imager, a loudspeaker, as well as a radio repeater can be used as it.

The attention of visitors at the exhibition was also attracted by the Supercam SX300H - an unmanned aerial vehicle of a hybrid aerodynamic scheme that combines the advantages of the design of aircraft and helicopter types. A distinctive feature of the Supercam SX300H UAV is the performance of vertical takeoff and landing from any unprepared surface, which allows it to be used on objects with a limited-size runway, followed by a transition to airplane flight mode with the possibility of hovering at the request of the operator, which allows the UAV to be used for a variety of tasks.

The Kalashnikov Concern presented at the forum an AK-19 submachine gun in a short-barreled version using a 5.56x45 mm caliber cartridge adopted in NATO countries. The model is characterized by greater ergonomics, equipped with a folding, length-adjustable butt. The AK-19 can be equipped with collimator, optical and night sights, laser target pointer, tactical flashlight and equipped with an additional handle. Among other things, the AK-19 has improved barrel cooling.

Kalashnikov also presented an unmanned "Quasi-mast" system designed for lifting equipment. It is equipped with video cameras and a thermal imager for surveillance and reconnaissance. The quasi-mast, like the Griffin-61T, receives power through a cable and is immune to the effects of electronic warfare systems.

The International Military-Technical Forum "Army-2023" continues its work and is only gaining momentum.

Mikhail Khodarenok

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