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Russian Russian ATAK: Awareness-raising complex "KPO-A"Russian ATAK: Awareness-raising complex "KPO-A"

Image source: soldier-moskva.livejournal.com

Modern warfare is not only a weapon based on new physical principles and strikes on the entire economic and political territory of the enemy, modern warfare is primarily rapid communications, digital combat management and knowledge about the enemy. Especially in the tactical link of combat control.

Today, there are many different systems in different armies of the world that to some extent allow organizing information and communication interaction on the battlefield. This is the Ukrainian "Nettle", this is the NATO DELTA system, this is the unified combat control system of the US Armed Forces (JADC2), of which ATAK (Android Tactical Assault Kit) is an integral part, this is a complex of individual display of the situation IVAS (Microsoft), and many others.

In Russia, too, a number of developers in the interests of the Ministry of Defense and special Services are developing tactical information and communication systems. The Kalashnikov Concern has developed the "Fox" system, there is a "Breeze" system, there are other similar systems that have appeared recently. But all these systems have one drawback. They solve a rather narrow and specific task. These systems cannot be compared with the "JADC2" level and its component - ATAK (Android Tactical Assault Kit).

In the autumn of last year, NGO Dvina initiated the development of a domestic digital multi-domain system that would improve the general awareness of commanders making decisions on the battlefield. And as the basis for this development NGO Dvina chose the American system - ATAK (Android Tactical Assault Kit).

Awareness-raising complex "KPO-A".
Source: soldier-moskva.livejournal.com

Why did we choose the American ATAK system (Android Tactical Assault Kit) as a basis, why did we not take the Ukrainian Nettle or NATO DELTA as a basis..?

This is, if you want, like in sports. A certain level, a threshold of achievement. Some kind of record plan that needs to be taken. Well, in the end, the famous DARPA is related to the ATAK system, and this already says something. You need to be equal and compete with the best...!

What is the KPO-A Awareness-raising Complex...?

KPO-A is a cross-platform geoinformation communication system that combines the functions of cartographic geoinformation systems, communication platforms and operational and tactical information managers. Due to its powerful functionality, KPO-A provides communication, targeting, coordination, planning and presentation of information about the situation in one device. Also, "KPO-A" allows you to organize a "direct" data transfer from military personnel to operational-tactical and strategic level control points.

An ordinary commercial smartphone or tablet running the Android operating system with software (software) Awareness-raising complex "KPO-A", which allows:

- coordinate the actions of military personnel during their combat mission, determining their location by signals of the GPS/GLONASS/BeiDou space radio navigation system;

- provide shared access to electronic interactive terrain maps on the battlefield.

Awareness-raising complex "KPO-A".
Source: soldier-moskva.livejournal.com
Awareness-raising complex "KPO-A".
Source: soldier-moskva.livejournal.com
Awareness-raising complex "KPO-A".
Source: soldier-moskva.livejournal.com

If necessary, maps, layers and elements of the situation can also be downloaded from the servers of the headquarters of the units, from the servers of the National Defense Control Center of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation (NCSO of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation) and other government departments. A three-dimensional representation of the relief and urbanized infrastructure is available for a predefined digitized area.

Map layers are also capable of:

- display meteorological conditions, zones of radiation, chemical and biological contamination, features of terrain conditions;

- to apply tactical situation (enemy objects and forces, positions of individual military personnel, units, means of fire destruction with their firing sectors, elements of operational equipment of the terrain, the state of infrastructure facilities and other important information) to cartographic layers in the form of conventional signs according to the classifier of the CEUZ-2012 (2015) and the US military standard MIL-STD-2525, supplemented by a text description. It is possible to use libraries of conventional signs and markers from Google Maps, OSM, FEMA applications, as well as other sets that are easily imported into the system;

- indicate targets and the order of their destruction on the map, including for cruise missiles, aviation (unmanned systems) and artillery;

- Observe the current aviation situational situation;

- to carry out video broadcasts, exchange of photographic materials, text messages and combat control signals on a time scale close to real;

- display intelligence data from various sources on the smartphone display, including ground-based robotic systems and UAVs.

KPO-A users can also receive current situational political and informational reports that relate to their immediate place of action.

Awareness-raising complex "KPO-A".
Source: soldier-moskva.livejournal.com

The KPO-A Awareness-raising software was originally designed so that it can work without a central node, that is, in peer-to-peer networks with IP addressing. This function is necessary for units operating autonomously. In the presence of communication of advanced units with headquarters, the information collected on the battlefield is summarized and stored on a local server running the Linux operating system with KPO-server software installed.

This device can be located at a control point or a tactical level headquarters, which can include an automated workplace (including a laptop or a stationary computer) with a Windows/Linux operating system and a pre-installed console software Awareness-raising complex "KPO-K". Also, if necessary, a WEB interface can be available at remote workplaces.

The KPO-K Awareness-raising complex console software also has a functional capability that provides the output of tactical situation data to large-format displays for collective use.

At the same time, the displayed information is transmitted from peripheral devices (from individual servicemen from the battlefield, from the command posts of active formations) to the server via a secure communication channel using standard radio stations connected via a cable with an RS-232, Micro-USB or Type-C connector to a commercial smartphone or tablet ("Azart" R-187P1, PRC-117KV1(a)(C), XK-V104TE/XK-V103TE, GRANITE R48U.7 and others with packet data protocol support). The full functionality of the KPO-A Awareness-raising Complex, including video broadcasting, is provided through the use of mobile self-organizing communication networks using broadband data transmission protocols. Also in "KPO-A" it is possible to use DMR, UHF and VHF radio stations for data transmission due to a special set-top box to a smartphone.

According to the Awareness-raising Complex, KPO-A will be licensed under four main licenses:

- KPO SOF: Version for use by Special Operations Forces;

- KPO MIL: Version for use by units of the Ministry of Defense and other special services;

- KPO GOV: Version for federal, regional and municipal departments of Russia (Municipal and Regional Administration, Medical care, Police, Ministry of Emergency Situations, etc.). The application will be supplemented with specialized plugins to perform the tasks of each specific organization;

- KPO CIV: Version for civilian use. The application lacks special features that are necessary for military use and is adapted for use in cellular networks. To register, you need an account linked to a mobile phone number or Mobile-ID. The application will be available in the NGO Dvina Internet service only for Russia's partner countries.

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К этому ПО нужно ещё отечественнре железо с проверенной ОС без закладок.
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