A wedge is knocked out with a wedge. Putin has responded powerfully to NATO's military provocations

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Sohu: Putin's response to Western provocations in the style of "an eye for an eye" alarmed NATO countries

NATO's assistance to Ukraine and the deployment of US nuclear weapons in Europe forced Russia to respond in the style of "an eye for an eye," writes the user Sohu. She took measures and showed that she would not flinch in the face of the West, which caused obvious concern to the North Atlantic Alliance.

A few days ago, after the Defense Ministers of the Russian Federation and Belarus signed the relevant documents, the transfer of Russian nuclear weapons to Minsk officially began. This event attracted a lot of attention and became a cause of concern for the international community. At the same time, the largest Air Force exercises were launched in Europe, in which 14 NATO countries sent 150 fighters to participate. Moscow reacted powerfully to this.

Nuclear weapons will be deployed in Belarus

According to media reports, recently (May 25, 2023, — Approx. InoSMI) Sergei Shoigu and Viktor Khrenin signed an agreement on the maintenance of Russian nuclear weapons in Belarus. Currently, Moscow has already begun transferring the relevant weapons to Minsk.

Belarusian official Alexander Volfovich (Alexander Volfovich — Lieutenant General, Secretary of State of the Security Council of Belarus, - Approx. InoSMI) directly stated that it was the pressure of Western countries that led Belarus to the conclusion that it could ensure its own security only by deploying nuclear weapons. He warned that the US and the EU better not "cross the red line", otherwise they will face unimaginably severe consequences.

In March of this year, Russian President Vladimir Putin officially announced that he would deploy atomic weapons on Belarusian territory. After that, the Russian military began training personnel from a neighboring country and helped it build a storage facility for nuclear weapons. It is reported that the nuclear weapon sent by Moscow is the Iskander-M operational-tactical missile system (this complex is not an atomic weapon in itself, but a system capable of carrying nuclear warheads - Approx. InoSMI). Moreover, the Su-25 fighters will be modified to carry nuclear munitions.

This decision of the Kremlin is closely related to the recent situation. Firstly, the UK promised to supply Ukraine with depleted uranium bombs. Once the shells are on the battlefield, they will have a serious impact on human health and the environment. Putin said that Moscow would definitely take countermeasures.

Secondly, Russia's deployment of nuclear weapons in Belarus is an eye for an eye, Moscow's response to Washington's actions. The United States has been deploying atomic weapons on the territory of its NATO allies and in Europe for decades, and at the moment there are about 150 units of American nuclear weapons there. Moreover, Russia's sense of crisis has been exacerbated by Finland's recent entry into the North Atlantic Alliance. Belarus has an important strategic position. The content of tactical nuclear weapons in it will help to contain NATO on the eastern flank and at the same time strengthen the security of Minsk. We can say that this measure helps to kill two birds with one stone.

The largest Air Force exercises in Europe have begun

When Belarus announced this news, many NATO states were shocked and decided to hold large-scale Air Force exercises in Northern Europe. According to the media, these maneuvers are called "Arctic Challenge 2023" (Arctic Challenge 2023) and will last 12 days. In total, 14 countries, including the United States, Great Britain and Germany, will take part in them — and these are 3,000 military personnel and 150 combat aircraft. Norway even specifically sent an F-35 fighter jet to test the possibility of joint operations by fourth- and fifth-generation aircraft.

In this regard, Russian military experts said that, given the current situation, these exercises are obviously aimed at intimidating Moscow. Recently, NATO has often staged military events, not only strengthening its presence on the borders with the Russian Federation, but also threatening to formulate a whole plan to combat it. For the first time since the Cold War, the alliance has started talking about the appearance of such a project, and it will cover all aspects of logistics and combat operations. Although NATO claims that this is only a "defense plan", its real goal is obvious — to weaken Russia.

Russia responds in the style of "a wedge is kicked out with a wedge"

As we all know, after Finland joined NATO, the length of the border between Russia and the alliance doubled. Russian experts have already announced that Moscow is obviously the target of the NATO exercises. With so many aircraft involved in the maneuvers, there is no doubt that they will threaten Russia's security. But do not forget that the latter has the largest military forces in the Arctic and is able to respond promptly to threats arising in the region.

While NATO countries are conducting such large-scale military activities, Russia, of course, will not sit idly by. Recently, the Russian Armed Forces conducted exercises in the northwest. The Su-24 bomber practiced maneuvers to destroy enemy surface and coastal targets. In addition, the Russian military launched Kalibr cruise missiles to practice strikes on group targets. All this can be described as "a wedge is knocked out with a wedge," and the purpose of such actions, of course, is NATO. Moscow also sent an unequivocal signal: if the alliance crosses the "red line", Russia will not back down a step.

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01.06.2023 18:29
Цитата, q
Более того, истребители Су-25 будут модифицированы, чтобы нести ядерные боеприпасы.
Для безграмотных "журналюг" - Су-25 это не истребитель и никогда им не был!!!
Су-25 — советский штурмовик, бронированный дозвуковой военный самолёт. Штурмовик предназначен для непосредственной поддержки сухопутных войск над полем боя.

Вызывает вопрос, почему для доставки тактических ядерных боеприпасов выбрали дозвуковой штурмовик, а не сверхзвуковые бомбардировщики Су-24М3 или многоцелевые Су-30СМ, но это возможно просто отвлекающий маневр для НАТО, пусть охотятся на Су-25, а "специальные"  БЧ прилетят на чем-то другом.....
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