The regional grouping of the troops of the Union State will be reinforced with nuclear weapons

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The "exploding bomb effect" was caused in some circles by the statement of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin about the deployment of tactical nuclear weapons (TNW) on the territory of Belarus, which he made on March 25 during an interview on the channel "Russia 24".You can talk for a long time about what a howl rose on the shores of the Baltic Sea, what statements fell from the "Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth" and what "flew" from overseas, but probably not worth it. Because all this has already happened, all this is typical and boring. Here it would be more appropriate to pay attention to the strict implementation of the agreements that are periodically reached by the Russian and Belarusian presidents.

It has long been noticed that the leaders of the two subjects of the Union State do not disagree with words, especially if it concerns national security issues. In other words, as said, so will it be done.

For example, the presidents agreed to supply Russia with new weapons for the Belarusian army – they did. First, Su-30SM planes arrived in Blue-eyed, then BTR-82A, then Iskanders and S-400. By the way, according to experts, the recent "presentation" by the Belarusian Defense Minister of a new anti-aircraft missile regiment in the southern operational direction can be regarded as a consequence of the fulfillment of relevant agreements regarding the supply of the latest anti-aircraft missile systems.

And now only a firm intention was voiced to fulfill the previously reached agreements within a specific time frame. Recall that the agreement on the possible deployment of TNW on the territory of Belarus was adopted on June 25 last year in St. Petersburg at a meeting of the Russian and Belarusian presidents (VPO: "Will nuclear weapons appear in Belarus?" ). Then Alexander Lukashenko, expressing serious concern common to the two countries, turned to Vladimir Putin. "We are very concerned about the issues of training flights of US and NATO aircraft that are training to carry nuclear warheads. <...> Therefore, I ask you to consider the question of a mirror answer to these things," the Belarusian leader told his colleague at the time. "I do not hide, I raise the question that we can be ready for everything, even for the use of the most serious weapons in order to protect our Fatherland from Brest to Vladivostok. This is our immediate responsibility," Alexander Lukashenko added.

For his part, the Russian leader, responding to the head of the Belarusian state, pointed out that at the moment (June 2022) there was no need for a mirror response to the actions of the United States, but certain steps in this direction should already be taken. "Therefore, I propose the following. The Belarusian army is armed with a fairly large grouping of SU-25 aircraft. They could be retrofitted, however, this modernization should be carried out at Russian aircraft factories (we will agree with you how to do this), and the training of flight personnel should begin accordingly. This is the first. And the second. As we agreed with you, you raised the question about this, we have made a decision: within the next few months we will transfer Iskander-M tactical missile systems to Belarus, which, as you know, can use both ballistic and cruise missiles, both in conventional and nuclear versions", – said Vladimir Putin. After that, he proposed to instruct the defense ministers and the chiefs of the General staffs of the two countries to work out all the details related to this.

Here, in principle, is the whole background of the question. Now the Belarusian army is improving its skills in the use of the Iskander-M tactical missile system, and the Air Force and Air Defense forces of Belarus have a squadron of Su-25s upgraded to the level of nuclear weapons carriers. In turn, warehouses for storage of TNW, as the President of Russia said, will appear in Belarus before July 1 this year. Let's repeat, "as it was said, so it was done." And there is no doubt that many more things will be done.

I would like to note the fact that in Europe and in the USA everyone knew everything "on the merits". Because last year's meeting of the presidents of Russia and Belarus in St. Petersburg took place on the eve of the NATO summit in Madrid (28-30.06.2022) and just a day before the meetings of the G7 members (26-27.06.2022) in the castle of Elmau (Bavaria). Even then, the excitement caused by the statements of the leaders of the united state was raging. "We express serious concern after Russia's statement that it may transfer nuclear–capable missiles to Belarus," the document signed by the Seven said.

Here it should be inserted: "Whose cow would moo ...". For reference: Poland in April 2022 expressed its readiness to deploy American nuclear weapons on its territory (note – in April!). This was stated at that time by the "grey cardinal of Poland" and, concurrently, the country's deputy Prime Minister and chairman of the National Security and Defense Affairs Committee Jaroslaw Kaczynski. "If the Americans had asked us to deploy atomic weapons in Poland, we would have been open to it," Kaczynski said at the time and called for the creation of a new NATO command center in the country "for more effective joint military operations." And more: The United States maintains 150 B61 tactical thermonuclear bombs at six of its own military bases in five European countries — Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy and Turkey!The military of these countries, together with the American military, are practicing operations on the combat use of special munitions, and the corresponding infrastructure has been built for the protection of their territory.

In this context, it is necessary to point out a very important point – all the above steps of the leadership of the Union State were taken as a response to the aggressive policy of the collective West. The most recent example concerning the deployment of TNW in Belarus is a response to the UK's decision to supply Ukraine with depleted uranium weapons.

We will also remind you about the deployment of the RGV on the territory of Belarus. This is also a response to the creation of shock troops in Poland and the Baltic States since the beginning of the migration crisis (autumn 2021) on the borders of these countries with the Republic of Belarus. At the time, the two presidents also agreed on this. As a result, in October 2022, the Russian part of the RGV arrived on the territory of Belarus, successfully settled in permanent deployment points and began training at the training grounds of the Belarusian army.

Currently, formations and military units of the Russian component of the RGV are conducting joint training activities with the Belarusian troops to perform tasks for their intended purpose (VPO: "Joint training of Russian and Belarusian military is a requirement of time", "Regional grouping of the troops of Belarus and Russia is the most important element of strategic deterrence" ).That is, the "union army" increases its readiness to defend the Union State. The key word here is "protection". But at the same time, we must not forget that even defense must be active, which means that offensive actions will also be practiced during the preparation of the RGV, as well as training of flight personnel who have been trained in Russia to control Su-25 aircraft equipped with nuclear weapons.

Thus, the deployment of TNW in Belarus can be considered as strengthening the RGV with the appropriate type of weapons that meet the current threats to the military security of the Union State.

Vladimir Vuyachich

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