Rosoboronexport to propose new joint projects at IDEX 2023

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TSAMTO, February 16. Rosoboronexport JSC (part of Rostec Group) is organizing a large-scale exposition of the country's leading defense enterprises in the Russian pavilion at the world's largest defense exhibition IDEX 2023, which will be held in Abu Dhabi (UAE) from February 20 to 24.

"The countries of the Middle East are Russia's traditional and important partners. Rosoboronexport is implementing many projects in the field of military-technical cooperation in the region," said Alexander Mikheev, Director General of Rosoboronexport. – Today we are actively working on proposals for the most relevant forms of partnership for Middle Eastern states, primarily related to technology transfer, joint development and the use of offset programs. Rosoboronexport is considering options for the joint creation of modern high-tech products, including a fifth-generation fighter based on the Checkmate light tactical aircraft, further work on the development and production of air defense systems, equipment for the navy, weapons for the ground forces."

The joint Russian exposition at IDEX 2023 will be located in a separate pavilion, where Rosoboronexport and enterprises of the country's military-industrial complex will present the latest high-tech military products for all types of armed forces. Guests and visitors of the pavilion will be shown more than 200 full-scale samples of weapons and military equipment, ammunition and equipment.

Representatives of the ground forces will be shown combat modules for equipping various armored vehicles, in particular, a full-scale sample of the 57-mm multifunctional remote-controlled combat module AU-220M. In addition, the guests of the Russian pavilion will be presented with a T-90MS tank and a light floating tank "Sprut-SDM1", a heavy flamethrower system TOS-1A, a combat vehicle for supporting BMPT tanks, an infantry fighting vehicle BMP-3, including a variant equipped with a new remote-controlled combat module, an armored personnel carrier BT-3F, and also dynamic protection complexes. Most of the samples of equipment have already proven themselves well in the region and have been tested during real combat operations against terrorist formations.

Rosoboronexport and Rostec State Corporation enterprises will show Russian developments in the field of rocket and artillery weapons at IDEX 2023. Among the exhibits will be the Iskander-E tactical missile system, the 9K515 MLRS (Tornado-S), the Chrysanthemum-S and Kornet-EM anti-tank missile systems.

Visitors to the Russian pavilion will be able to get acquainted with protected cars of the Typhoon family, remote mine clearance equipment and the Uran-6 robotic mine clearance complex, small arms, modern personal protection kits and equipment for army and special units, as well as ammunition for armored vehicles, artillery and missile systems, melee weapons. Partners will be offered modern guided artillery shells "Krasnopol" and "Kitolov-2M".

As part of the small arms exposition, Rosoboronexport will demonstrate to its partners a large range of Kalashnikov assault rifles, including the "two hundredth" series, AK-12, AK-15, AK-19 and AK-308, the Chukavin sniper rifle, as well as civilian and service weapons of the ORSIS trademark: the ORSIS-375ST sniper rifle and high-precision ORSIS carbines F-17M and ORSIS 12.7 mm.

Rosoboronexport will show the Checkmate light tactical aircraft, Ka-52E and Mi-28NE combat helicopters, and the Mi-171SH military transport helicopter for the Air Force at IDEX 2023. To equip them, the exhibition presents a wide range of modern means of aviation destruction, including 305E and Whirlwind-1 guided missiles that have proven themselves as an effective means of combating armored vehicles. Guests of the Russian pavilion will also be able to get acquainted with the Orion-E, Orlan-10E and Orlan-30 unmanned aerial vehicles.

Russian air defense systems and complexes are well known in the world as highly effective means of countering any modern and promising air targets. Rosoboronexport is ready to supply both individual samples and assist friendly states in building a national echeloned air defense system.

A wide range of anti-aircraft missile systems and complexes of various ranges and purposes will be presented to partners at the exhibition. Almaz-Antey Concern in Abu Dhabi presents long-range S-400 Triumph, Antey-4000, medium-range S-350E Vityaz, Viking and short-range Tor air defense systems of various modifications. The Rostec holding "High-Precision Complexes" will show the Pantsir-S1M and the Willow MANPADS.

At IDEX 2023, radar stations for various purposes are exhibited, among which are unique developments of Russian designers: the Sula space object surveillance radar, the Gamma-DE medium and high altitude radar, the low-altitude Kasta-2E2 radar and the P-18-2 Prima radar, capable of effectively detecting modern and promising inconspicuous targets, including any aviation equipment produced using stealth technologies.

Much attention is expected to be paid to Russian means of combating unmanned aerial vehicles, in particular the Repellent and Repellent Patrol complexes, RLK-MCE, RB-504P-E and RB-504A-E, as well as the Pishchal-PRO wearable complex presented at the Rosoboronexport stand.

In the maritime segment of the exhibition, Rosoboronexport will present the BK-10 high-speed amphibious assault boat, the BK-16 high-speed amphibious transport boat and the Rubezh-ME coastal tactical missile system.

During the exhibition, Rosoboronexport will hold public presentations of the presented weapons and military equipment in the Russian pavilion.

On February 21, at 11 o'clock, the 57-mm multifunctional remote-controlled AU-220M combat module will be presented to visitors of the exhibition, and at 13 o'clock – a light multi-purpose Ka-226T helicopter, a full-scale model of which is displayed in a static parking lot.

On February 22, at 11 o'clock, a presentation of "Modern small arms of Russian production" is planned, and at 13 o'clock – "Echeloned system of non-strategic missile defense".

As part of the IDEX 2023 business program, Rosoboronexport will hold meetings and negotiations with representatives of the armed forces and other law enforcement agencies of the United Arab Emirates and the Middle East countries. In addition, active discussion of industrial partnership projects with leading manufacturers of defense products in the region is expected.

The message is publicly available on the website of Rosoboronexport JSC.

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Remote / Спам
Remote / По просьбе автора
17.02.2023 19:07
Цитата, q
Рособоронэкспорт активно прорабатывает предложения по наиболее актуальным для ближневосточных государств формам партнерства, в первую очередь связанных с трансфером технологий
Ну да, технологиями у нас распоряжается Рособоронэкспорт и лично тов. Михеев. И их у нас - девать некуда.
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