The German Defense Ministry continues to supply weapons to the Armed Forces of Ukraine

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TSAMTO, January 16. On January 13, the German Defense Ministry once again updated data on the supply of equipment, weapons systems and non-lethal assistance from the German Armed Forces, as well as from German defense companies funded by the federal government for the so-called security capacity building.

Funding for the security capacity building initiative for 2023 totals 2.2 billion. euro (2 billion euro in 2022). These funds will be directed primarily to support Ukraine, and will also be used to finance Germany's contributions to the European Peace Fund (EPF), which is used to reimburse EU member States for the costs they incurred in providing support to Ukraine.

Thus, the German Defense Ministry confirmed the delivery of the Armed Forces of Ukraine during the last week of 4 armored engineering mine clearance vehicles on a tank chassis, 4 mobile protected mine clearance systems, 95 border guard SUVs (85 previously delivered), 168 mobile field heaters (48 previously delivered).

The list of equipment and weapons transferred to Ukraine at the moment also includes:

20 rocket launchers on pickups with 2000 70 mm rockets

15 armored repair and evacuation vehicles Bergepanzer 2

13 M1070 Oshkosh heavy Tank Tractors

7 tracked remotely operated THEMIS vehicles for support tasks

143 pickups

216 generators

35 trucks 8x8 with loading system

26 reconnaissance UAVs

36 ambulances

36,400 wool blankets

12 heavy-duty trailers

55 means of detection and suppression to protect against UAVs

30 UAV detection systems

6 forklifts


60,000 rounds of 40 mm ammunition

18,500 155 mm ammunition

18 trucks 8x8 with loading system

50 armored vehicles "Dingo" class MRAP

3 BEAVER tank bridge pavers

10 unmanned surface boats

14 thousand sleeping bags

spare parts for Mi-24 helicopters

ammunition for the MARS II MLRS

spare parts for M2 machine guns

30 MG3 machine guns for armored recovery vehicles

20 range extension devices for UAV counteraction systems

17 heavy and medium bridge pavers

5 MARS II multiple launch rocket systems with ammunition

14 units of 155 mm self-propelled howitzers Panzerhaubitze-2000 (together with the Netherlands)


200 tents

116,000 winter jackets

80,000 winter trousers

240,000 winter hats

100,000 first aid kits

405,000 sets of daily ration

13,500 155 mm shells

67 refrigerators for medical materials

COBRA Artillery Reconnaissance Radar

4000 training ammunition for anti-aircraft self-propelled guns

54 M113 armored personnel carriers (from the Danish Armed Forces, modernization funded by Germany)

53,000 rounds of ammunition for anti-aircraft self-propelled guns

20 laser designators

3000 Panzerfaust 3 hand-held anti-tank grenade launchers with 900 sighting and launching devices

14,900 anti-tank mines

500 MANPADS "Stinger"

2700 MANPADS "Strela"

22 million rounds of small arms ammunition

50 missiles to destroy fortified structures

100 MG3 machine guns with 500 spare barrels and bolts

10 0000 hand grenades

5,300 explosive charges

100,000 m of detonating cord and 100,000 detonators

350,000 fuses

10 portable anti-UAV devices

100 automatic injectors

28,000 combat helmets

15 pallets (pallets) of military uniforms

280 vehicles (trucks, minibuses, SUVs)

6 pallets (pallets) of materials for the disposal of explosive objects

125 binocular optical devices

1200 hospital beds

18 pallets (pallets) of medical materials, 60 surgical lamps

protective clothing, surgical masks

600 safety glasses

1 electronic warfare system

3000 field phones with 5000 cable reels and carrying straps

1 field hospital (joint project with Estonia)

353 pairs of night vision goggles

12 UAV counteraction systems

165 binoculars

medical supplies (including backpacks, compression bandages)

38 laser rangefinders

diesel fuel and gasoline (constant supplies)

10 tons of AdBlue reagent

500 medical supplies to stop bleeding

spare parts for MiG-29

30 protected cars

80 pickups

7944 units of RGW-90 Matador grenade launchers

6 HEP-70 mobile decontamination machines, including decontaminating materials

10 HMMWV armored vehicles (8 chassis with ground target detection radar, 2 EW/UAV counteraction)

7 sets of radio jamming

8 mobile ground target detection radars and thermal imaging cameras

4 mobile protected mine clearance systems

1 high-frequency installation with equipment.

In the list of weapons in preparation for transfer (delivery), during the last week were additionally included:

40 Marder infantry fighting vehicles with ammunition (from among the German Armed Forces and manufacturing companies in storage)

Patriot air defense system with missiles

100,000 first aid kits

At the moment, this list also includes:

114 reconnaissance UAVs

26 units of 15-ton trucks with loading system

17 mobile field heaters

2 cars pickup truck

18 units of 155 mm self-propelled howitzers RCH-155 (Remotely Controlled Howitzer 155),

90 UAV detection systems

2 tent hangars

7 trucks 8x6 with loading system

7 units of 30-mm anti-aircraft self-propelled guns "Cheetah"

7 tracked remotely operated THEMIS vehicles for support tasks

6 mobile protected mine clearance systems


38 mine clearance vehicles on a tank chassis

3 mobile, remotely controlled armored mine clearance systems

5 mobile reconnaissance complexes (on vehicles)

405 border guard SUVs

1100 shells of 155 mm caliber

156,000 rounds of 40 mm ammunition

5 armored engineering vehicles

3 heavy and medium bridge pavers

16 units of 155 mm Zuzana-2 self-propelled howitzers (together with Denmark and Norway)

78 heavy-duty trailers


12 communication frequency scanners/jammers

field hospital

20 range extension devices for UAV counteraction systems

14 road trains and 14 semi-trailers

2 tractors and 4 trailers

22 reconnaissance UAVs

10 protected cars

vehicle decontamination system

5032 portable anti-tank warfare equipment

200 trucks

13 BIBER (BEAVER) tank bridge pavers.

As stated, the total value of individual licenses issued by the federal government for the export of military goods to Ukraine in the period from January 1, 2022 to January 9, 2023, is 2.2457 billion. euro. To speed up the processing of certain shipments, the federal government has previously simplified some licensing procedures.

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