Parade in Ashgabat on the occasion of the 31st anniversary of Turkmenistan's independence


The original was taken from a colleague of imp_navigator at the Parade in Ashgabat on the occasion of the 31st anniversary of Turkmenistan's independence. 27.09.2022I would like to note from myself that this is the first parade for the new president and Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of Turkmenistan - Serdar Berdimuhamedov, who this year replaced his father Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, who resigned and became chairman of the Halk Maslahaty - the upper chamber of the Turkmen parliament.

And then an excerpt of the description of the parade from the state news agency of Turkmenistan - "Turkmenistan Today" where it is indicated who and what were represented at the military parade:

The National Anthem of Turkmenistan is being played. The National flag of Turkmenistan is raised on the flagpole.

The sacred green Banner of the native Fatherland is a symbol of national pride and patriotism for all generations, inspiring Turkmen citizens to feat of arms, labor achievements, to conquer new heights of progress in all spheres. For thirty-one years, our Motherland has been building its modern history under the National Flag and confidently follows the path of prosperity, reaching high milestones, establishing itself in the world as a state with a unique model of independent development and the legal status of neutrality…

Officers, soldiers and cadets lined up on the square take a sacred oath of allegiance to the Motherland, the people, and the President. The servicemen of the National Army not only sacredly preserve the glorious traditions passed down from generation to generation, but also in fact confirm their loyalty to the precepts of their ancestors.

In our glorious history, the flag has always been treated as a shrine. At all times, the military banner is worshiped, oaths of loyalty to the Motherland are taken before it, the selfless service of which and to its people has always been considered a great honor among the Turkmens. In the current era, battle banners are the pride and glory of the defenders of the Fatherland, they increase the fighting spirit necessary for the defenders of sacred independence to preserve the integrity and security of the Motherland.

In this regard, the traditional festive parade began with the release of the banner group. Soldiers of a separate battalion of the Honor Guard, to the sounds of a solemn march, carry the National Flag of Turkmenistan and battle banners of all branches of the armed forces across the square.

Then cadets of the Berdimuhamed Annayev specialized military school of the Ministry of Defense walk in front of the podium with a slender step.

The life path of the glorious son of the Turkmen land, a valiant front-line soldier and a born teacher, the great-grandfather of the President of Turkmenistan Berdimuhamed Annayev today serves as a model of true patriotism for young people.

The decoration of the current parade was female servicemen who faithfully serve their native Homeland in the military and law enforcement agencies of the country.

They are followed along the square by battalions of excellent officers of combat training, honourably performing their military and civilian duty. Among them are military personnel of the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the State Border Service, the State Customs Service, the State Migration Service.

One of the key aspects of the policy pursued by President Serdar Berdimuhamedov is the formation of a new generation of national military personnel. All conditions are being created in the country so that young Turkmen citizens who show a desire to become qualified specialists can study at military educational institutions. In the currently operating specialized universities, great attention is paid to the quality and effectiveness of teaching, improving the level of professional skills, improving the management skills of modern technology and equipment.

Cadets of the Military Institute and the Naval Institute took part in the current review in honor of the next anniversary of Turkmenistan's independence.

Behind them, students of the Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Border Institute, and the Institute of National Security walk in front of the podium, chasing a step.

The educational process in these educational institutions fully meets the requirements of the time.

Motorized rifle warriors, who are a good example of impeccable training and high military skill, make their significant contribution to the cause of ensuring peace and tranquility of our Motherland.

They are replaced by a battalion of Turkmen pilots. Skillfully controlling modern aircraft, they reliably protect the peaceful skies of the Motherland.

Further along the square there is a battalion of tankers who have excellent driving skills with powerful tanks of the latest generation.

The participants of the current review were soldiers of the artillery and anti-aircraft divisions, as well as marines. During military training and tactical events, they demonstrate high professionalism.

The soldiers of the special purpose battalions "Türkmen edermen" of the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of National Security and the State Border Service come next to the square. Guided by the ideals of patriotism and courage of such generals as Gerogly Bek, Togrul Bek, Chagry Bek, Alp Arslan, Myalik Sha, Sultan Sanjar, Bayram Khan, Sultan Jalaleddin, who left an indelible mark in the history of the people, they flawlessly and responsibly perform military duty. The compactness and mobility of the groups makes it possible to clearly and efficiently carry out the combat tasks facing them.

A distinctive feature of the servicemen of these units, named on the initiative of Arkadag Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov "Türkmen edermen", is an excellent level of combat, theoretical and physical training, courage and determination. The emblem of the special forces groups is the alabai, which combines all these qualities.

As you know, for thousands of years Akhal-Teke horses have been faithful companions of fearless horsemen, and on holidays - their close friends. The legendary "heavenly" horses - the pride and heritage of the Turkmen people - in the new historical era are the embodiment of striving forward to new heights of creation and progress.

Today, as in ancient times, "paradise" horses are reliable assistants to defenders of the Motherland and law enforcement officers. In this regard, according to the established good tradition, the parade is continued by military personnel of mounted units created in military units of the domestic Armed Forces and the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The review of modern military equipment, which has been adopted by all law enforcement agencies in recent years, demonstrates the high level of defense capability of the Turkmen state, readiness to counter the challenges and threats of the time. Advanced technologies are effectively used in the daily activities of military and law enforcement agencies, which helps officers and soldiers to successfully carry out their responsible tasks.

In the current era, the prestige of the Naval Forces standing guard over the sacred borders of the Motherland in the Caspian Sea and ensuring the security of the country, peace and tranquility of the Turkmen people has risen markedly. Within the framework of the development program of the Armed Forces of Turkmenistan, the material and technical base of the military fleet is being systematically modernized, steps are being taken both to purchase ships, as well as the latest equipment and equipment, and to build their own vessels, combat and theoretical training of military sailors is being increased.

This was confirmed by the festive procession of the flotilla, which takes place simultaneously in the waters of the port on the Caspian Sea.

The parade was opened by a corvette-class warship "Deñiz han", which entered service with the Naval Forces and equipped with high-precision modern weapons. Recall that on August 10 of this year, President Serdar Berdimuhamedov visited the Garşy military unit of the Navy located in the western region and got acquainted with the combat capabilities, technical characteristics and design features of this vessel.

It was followed by the missile boats "Edermen" and "Gaýratly". The review of the military fleet is continued by border patrol vessels of the Galkan type, which ensure the security of the maritime borders of our country.

Next comes the turn of modern ground-based military equipment. Mechanized columns of various branches of the armed forces, headed by a multi-purpose armored car "Typhoon", pass through the square in front of the podium.

After him, Dongfeng Mengshi SUVs with the National Flag of Turkmenistan and battle banners of all branches of the Armed Forces of the country leave the square.

The armored car "TITAN-DS" is also presented at the current parade.

ATVs are designed for the rapid and unhindered performance of combat missions by special forces "Türkmen edermen"

"XP-1000", "MV-850", "BIG BOSS-570", which are equipped with modern equipment that allows you to destroy low-flying helicopters and armored vehicles.

Military vehicles of the brands "MRZR-D2", "MRZR-D4", "DAGOR" are of great help in conducting special operations. These are mobile, powerful tactical vehicles capable of moving with a significant load in areas with limited access and off-road, used by military personnel of the special purpose group.

The review of equipment continues with Land Rover and NIMR AJBAN passenger military vehicles, as well as self-propelled anti-tank missile systems "KARAKAL".

Then armored cars "NIMR" and "Al SHIBL2" drive to the square, with the help of which the soldiers of the special purpose formations "Türkmen edermen", acting harmoniously, successfully solve the tasks assigned to them.

The festive procession is continued by armored personnel carriers "BTR-80A", used to transport units, their fire support in battle, the destruction of enemy manpower, anti-tank weapons.

This is followed by armored cars "BARS", "TITAN-DS", which are equipped with machine guns capable of destroying low-flying helicopters.

The BMC Kirpi MRAP armored personnel carrier with machine guns and mobile anti-aircraft missile systems on board is also presented at the current military parade.

The second mechanized column consists of specialized vehicles representing the main strike group of the ground forces of the Armed Forces of the country.

In the forefront are powerful armored vehicles "T-90S", modern infantry fighting vehicles - "BMP-2D" and "BMP-3".

Then the participants of the celebration were shown anti-aircraft and anti-aircraft missile systems "Zsu-23-4 Shilka", "Strela-10" and "CUBE", designed to destroy low-flying aircraft, helicopters and cruise missiles in all weather conditions.

As a result of the successful implementation of military transformations in the country, rocket artillery troops are being modernized by equipping them with powerful advanced equipment. An example of this is the self-propelled artillery installations used in these military formations - howitzers "2S-1 Gvozdika". With their help, you can disable control points, armored vehicles and enemy personnel.

Further, KAMAZ tractors with a D-30 howitzer and MAN tractors with a D-20 howitzer pass in front of the podium.

At today's parade on the occasion of the significant date of the national calendar, 122-millimeter BM-21A Belgrade multiple launch rocket systems and the Smerch rocket art complex are being demonstrated, characterized by high combat characteristics, accuracy, power and the ability to strike long-range targets.

The third mechanized column consists of modern unmanned aerial vehicles, which have been effectively used in the formations of the National Army in recent years. Among them is Bayraktar TB2, which is considered one of the best in the world in its class.

The presented combat drones of the latest generation "Falko" and "SKY STRIKER" are designed to collect intelligence information, disable armored vehicles and enemy control systems by special purpose groups.

The participants of the event were also shown unmanned aerial vehicles "Orbiter 2B" and gyrocopter "Autogyro Cavalon", which are at the disposal of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The solemn military review is continued by the Land Rover brand cars, on which the Rode Schwarz modern communication complexes are installed.

They are followed by advanced anti-aircraft missile systems "FD-2000", "KS-1A", "Pechora-2BM" and "FM-90". According to their combat characteristics, they are considered the best in providing protection from enemy air attacks.

Then, as part of the fourth mechanized column, new cars in service with the State Border Service - KIA KLTV 141 and modern MOTOWEZDEHOD motor vehicles - follow along the area.

Next, multi-purpose, armored combat vehicles "Toyota HILUX", "KIA KLTV 141" and "COBRA" pass, which are effectively used to protect the sacred borders of the Motherland.

This is followed by armored vehicles of the Frontier Troops of the "Mantra" brand with 120 mm mortars on board.

IVECO cars continue the festive parade, which are equipped with ZU-23 anti-aircraft missile systems for destroying air targets at low altitude and Orbiter 2B drones.

The fifth mechanized column includes modern military equipment adopted by the Ministry of National Security. Today's celebration features armored combat vehicles "IVECO M65" and "Storm-Rider".

Behind them, the Lazar III armored personnel carriers, designed to disable lightly armored vehicles, safely transfer a special-purpose group to a designated point, leave the square.

In the sixth mechanized column - equipment of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Armored cars of the "TITAN-DS" and "FORD HENNESSEY" brands participate in the parade.

At the disposal of the Ministry of Internal Affairs - lightly armored cars of the brands "FORD ATLAS", "Toyota Tundra", "GMC Sierra", "PMV Survivor II", "TITAN-DS", which serve to maintain a peaceful and peaceful life of the people, public order.

Then the festive show continues in the air. The Air Force of the country plays a huge role in ensuring the security of the Motherland. Turkmen pilots are at the controls of the modern winged machines presented today, demonstrating high skill and honed skills in managing the latest aircraft.

Mi-17V-5 military transport rotorcraft appear in the sky above the square, designed to support Ground Forces from the sky, transport cargo and military equipment.

Behind them in the airspace are Mi-24 helicopters, which are used to increase the firepower and mobility of units and divisions of the Ground Forces. They are equipped with high-precision weapons for hitting ground and air targets.

This is followed by helicopters of the Eurocopter-145 brands of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the country and Eurocopter-365 of the Ministry of National Security, each of which has high combat characteristics.

The audience was also shown the helicopters "Agusta-139" and "Agusta-109" of the State Border Service. They are effectively used in the reliable protection and inviolability of the sacred borders of our country, which are the border of friendship and brotherhood.

Next, a special Diamond-42 aircraft flies over the square, designed for reconnaissance flights.

Then air combat vehicles "A-29 Super Tisapo" appear in the sky, provided with high-precision weapons. Their main goal is to support ground operations of the ground forces with fire at night and during the day in various weather conditions.

In the air there is an AN-74 military transport multipurpose aircraft and a modern tactical military transport aircraft C-27J Spartan, as well as a group of Su-25 combat aircraft.

Among the modern aircraft presented are combat aircraft "M-346", capable of flying in all weather conditions, at various heights, over any terrain, be it mountains, plain or sea. Equipped with everything necessary to fulfill the tasks facing the Air Force, they are designed to protect the airspace, conduct reconnaissance, and support the actions of the ground forces. It should also be noted that on one of them the Hero-Arkadag Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov made a test flight.

In conclusion, a large group of M-346 fighters demonstrated aerobatics and difficult turns, which became a clear evidence of the professionalism of military pilots. They decorated the airspace over the capital with the colors of the National Flag.

The state-of-the-art ground and air equipment presented at the current parade is a vivid evidence of President Serdar Berdimuhamedov's great attention to strengthening the defense capability of independent neutral Turkmenistan, modernizing the Armed Forces, and further improving the activities of military and law enforcement agencies.

The festive review on the main square of the country was continued by a separate battalion of the Honor Guard of the Ministry of Defense. The soldiers of this formation showed impeccable training and high skill in performing combat techniques with weapons. The contours of the Independence Monument and the figure "XXXI" are forming on the square, personifying another significant date of the sovereignty of the native Motherland.

KAMAZ-63968 "Typhoon-K" and Dongfeng Mengshi







ZSU-23-4 "Shilka"

ZRK Strela-10

Self-propelled launchers SAM "Cube"

122 mm D-30 howitzers

152 mm D-20 howitzer guns

122-mm ACS 2S1 "Carnation"

122-mm MLRS BM-21A "Belgrade"

300 mm MLRS "Smerch" on Tatra chassis

AutoGyro Cavalon Gyroplane

Bayractar TB2 UAV

Selex ES Falco UAV

Sky Striker Kamikaze Drones

Orbiter 2B

Pusokvye installations of the FD-2000 air defense system

KS-1A SAM launchers

Launchers of the Pechora-2BM SAM


Lazar-3 armored personnel carrier

Not everything was included in the photos and screenshots, so if anyone is interested, here is the full video of the parade. Thank you https://t.me/ChDambiev for the link.

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