Elektromashina will bring the Prometheus combat module to the Army for the first time


The research and Production Association "Elektromashina" of the Uralvagonzavod concern will take part in the largest international forum "Army-2022". In addition to its traditional military products, the company will demonstrate the Prometheus combat module at the forum for the first time.

The products of NPO Elektromashina will be shown in the exhibition area of the Uralvagonzavod concern, as well as at the stand of the Chelyabinsk Region from August 15 to 22. At the international forum, the company will present several of its products at once. This is a traditional electrical equipment for special equipment – the SG19 starter generator, which serves to start a diesel engine and generate electricity to power all electronics on all types of combat vehicles. The power supply kit KEP12 will also be presented, which is designed to increase the energy capacity of tracked vehicles. It is designed to generate electrical energy in the power supply systems of wheeled tracked vehicles, in particular for the BMP-3, which is in service both in Russia and abroad.

In addition, NPO Elektromashina will traditionally present the Hunter combat module, which received the letter "O1" back in 2018 and has since been developed in several modifications for different types of combat vehicles. For example, one of its modifications – the Narwhal combat module, which is designed for different types of vessels, boats, ships, hovercrafts, will also be presented at the Army. The land–based combat module is stabilized in two planes, the sea - in three planes. They are equipped with remote control. This makes it possible to hit targets in motion at a distance of more than 1 thousand meters. The module has a television sight that allows you to detect a target at a distance of 5 thousand meters, and thermal imaging – up to 2.5 thousand meters. In addition, a laser rangefinder is used in the module for reconnaissance and surveillance of the enemy. When creating modifications of the module, the type of military equipment on which it will be used (land or sea) is taken into account. For example, in the marine version, it is necessary to take into account the roll angles and the impact of seawater.

This year's novelty from the "Electric Machine", also developed on the basis of the original version of the "Hunter", which debuted on the "Army" back in 2018, will be the Prometheus perimeter security system with combat modules. Prometheus was created to protect the perimeter of specially protected objects of various law enforcement agencies and specialized enterprises. This is a modern protection system, which includes several remote-controlled modules with a large-caliber machine gun. This system is fully developed and manufactured by NPO Elektromashina: from the software to the combat module itself.

"Our company supports the general trend of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation towards unification, offering various modifications based on the combat module: this is a land version, which can be both tracked and wheeled vehicles, stationary and marine. This is a unified platform that will allow the army to operate our combat modules on various carriers in the future, which greatly simplifies the processes of training, operation, and maintenance of products. The development of an entire product line based on a single combat module was highly appreciated and supported by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, therefore, work on the execution of all types of modules is extremely important, we plan to finish it in a short time and start serial production," said Ivan Korolkov, Deputy General Director for Special Equipment of NPO Elektromashina JSC.

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