The state of the Ukrainian MiG-29 is revealed


Ukraine has repaired almost all MiG-29 fighters

Ukraine has repaired almost all of its MiG-29 fighters. Dmitry Matrunchik, Director of the Lviv State Aviation Repair Plant (LGARZ), revealed the condition of the aircraft that Kiev inherited from the USSR in an interview with Armiyainform. Defense Express writes about this.

According to him, the tests of the MiG-29MU2 started in 2021 and should be completed in 2022. After that, the aircraft will receive the Air Force (AF) of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU).

"Last year, flight design tests were successfully completed. This year, the still ongoing state trials have begun, the final completion of which is planned in 2022. We hope that according to their results, the MiG-29MU2 will be adopted by the Armed Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine," said the director of LGARZ.

Matrunchik added that the fighter received, in particular, improved protection systems, audio and video recording systems, an improved electronic control panel for the onboard radio station, the ability to launch air-to-ground missiles and the use of guided bombs.

The director of LGARZ added that since 2014, "more than ten MiG-29s" have been modernized at the plant headed by him, and in total over the past seven years, the Armed Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have received "almost 40 MiG-29 aircraft," including five combat training MiG-29UB. "In fact, it follows from Matrunchik's words that during the war, almost all Ukrainian MiG-29s were repaired or upgraded at the facilities of LGARZ," Defense Express concludes.

In December, the agency, referring to the World Air Forces 2022 directory of military aviation published by FlightGlobal, disclosed the number of combat aircraft and helicopters available to Ukraine. Currently, Kiev has 43 MiG-29 light fighters, 12 Su-24 front-line bombers, 17 Su-25 attack aircraft and 26 Su-27 heavy fighters.

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