The frigates "Admiral Grigorovich" and "Admiral Essen" conducted a naval battle with a conditional enemy in the Black Sea

Image source: Фото: commons.wikimedia.org/mil.ru

Moscow. July 12. INTERFAX - The frigates "Admiral Grigorovich" and "Admiral Essen" in the Black Sea have worked out a naval battle with the use of missile strikes and artillery in the exercises, the press service of the Black Sea Fleet reported.

"According to the plan of the exercise, an unidentified unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) was detected by the coastal surveillance and reconnaissance means of the Black Sea Fleet, moving in the airspace along the line of the state border of Russia. As a result of tracking the UAV, it was possible to record its landing on the helipad of a ship located in neutral waters as part of a previously detected ship strike group of a conditional enemy, " the fleet said in a statement.

It is noted that after the arrival of the frigates to the discovered KUG ,the "enemy", without responding to the requests of the Russian ships, attacked the frigates of the Black Sea Fleet.

"The combat crews of the frigates entered into a training naval battle with the enemy, repelled a missile attack with active and passive interference of electronic warfare with air defense means," the Black Sea Fleet stressed.

Then, according to the fleet, the frigates worked out an algorithm of joint actions to destroy surface targets by launching missile strikes with high-precision weapons and artillery.

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