In Vietnam, a patrol boat built with the help of India is launched


TSAMTO, April 26. At the Hong Ha shipyard in Haiphong (Vietnam), the launch ceremony of the first high-speed patrol boat, which is being built in Vietnam for the country's Coast Guard with technical and financial assistance from India, was held.

As reported by the Embassy of India in Vietnam, at the same time, the keel laying ceremony of the ninth boat of the series was held. India's Ambassador to Vietnam, Pranay Verma, who attended the event, called the project "a symbol of India-Vietnam defense cooperation" and a reflection of India's commitment to building the capacity of Vietnam's Armed Forces.

The project to supply 12 patrol boats to the Vietnamese Coast Guard is funded by a $ 100 million credit line provided by India to Vietnam in October 2014 for the purchase of Indian-made PVN.

As reported by TSAMTO, in 2015, the Ministry of Defense of India announced a competition to select a contractor to build boats for the Coast Guard of Vietnam. In June 2016, the Indian company Larsen & Toubro was announced the winner of the tender, ahead of six other shipbuilding companies.

In September 2016, Larsen & Toubro signed a contract with the Vietnam Coast Guard Command for the supply of high-speed patrol boats. The cost of the agreement was $ 99.7 million. This is the largest export order received by the company so far. The agreement provides for the transfer to Vietnam of the developed project and related technologies, as well as equipment and materials that will allow the construction of an improved version of the ships at the Vietnamese shipyard. Under the terms of the contract, the construction of the first five ships is carried out at the enterprise in Chennai (India), and the remaining ones – at the Hong Ha shipyard in Vietnam with the support of an Indian company.

Construction of the first of the 12 boats ordered began at the L&T facility in Chennai, India, on 14 August 2019. The first boat (built in India) was handed over to Vietnam in December last year.

According to available information, the length of the boats made of aluminum alloy is 35 m, the maximum speed is 35 knots. The equipment will include modern navigation systems, surveillance equipment and self-defense equipment. The ships will be used by the Coast Guard to ensure maritime security, counter smuggling, piracy, and conduct search and rescue operations.

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