From the "Caucasus" to the "West": the main military exercises of 2021

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In 2021, the intensity of combat training in the Russian Armed Forces will increase

In 2020, the geography of challenges for Russia has expanded, the role of military force in solving international problems has increased, the Ministry of Defense notes. In this regard, it is of particular importance to maintain the combat capability and combat readiness of the army and navy at the required level. "Newspaper.Ru " analyzed what activities of combat and operational training will be carried out in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in 2021.

According to the military Department, over 18.5 thousand training events of various levels were held in the Armed Forces in 2020. According to the military, last year the intensity of interspecies training increased by 5% and bilateral exercises by 6%.

In 2021, the Ministry of Defense is confident that the intensity of combat training will continue. More than 4,800 exercises and practical events are planned.

The main attention will be focused on the training of management bodies, improving the methods of fire destruction and interspecific interaction, increasing the tactical maneuverability and mobility of formations and military units, as well as developing new ways of acting troops taking into account the experience of local wars and armed conflicts and the implementation of individual indicators by personnel.

According to the military Department, in preparation for the new academic year, the Armed Forces conducted about 1.2 thousand training camps and 1.7 thousand instructor-methodical classes. 2.5 thousand objects of educational and material base were prepared. About 30 thousand units of landfill equipment were serviced. Weapons, military and special equipment have been transferred to the winter mode of operation, and the necessary material and technical reserves have been created.

Strategic exercises " West-2021"

The most important event for practicing the practical actions of the troops will be the Russian-Belarusian strategic exercise "West-2021", planned for September this year, aimed at further strengthening the military security of the Union State. Russian President Vladimir Putin said that during these maneuvers it is necessary to use new approaches to the use of the regional grouping of troops of the Union State.

"In the course of combat training, we should more actively develop and test weapons and equipment with elements of artificial intelligence, which was only recently discussed at the Security Council, including robotic systems, unmanned aerial vehicles, and automated control systems. Such weapons significantly increase the potential of units and formations, and not only today, but also in the near future will largely determine the outcome of the battle. In addition, during the upcoming exercise "West-2021", new approaches to the use of the regional grouping of the Union State should be worked out, " Putin said at the final board of the Defense Ministry.

It is planned that the strategic exercises "West-2021" will be held at five training grounds on the territory of Belarus.

Ground forces

The main priority of combat training in the Ground Forces in 2021 will be to improve the quality of combat training of troops, improve the training of military command and control bodies, headquarters of various levels in the ability to lead subordinate units using the most modern automated control systems and communications.

Also, much attention will be paid to retraining the personnel of newly formed and re-equipped military units and units of the Ground Forces for new types of weapons, military and special equipment.

The organization of interspecific training and interaction on the battlefield of formations and military units will continue to play an important role in the training of Ground Forces. A significant role is planned to be assigned to bilateral exercises, during which issues of improving the practical actions of units in various tactical situations will be worked out.

In 2021, the Ground Forces of the Russian Armed Forces will take part in nine joint exercises with foreign armies.

Joint Russian-Algerian and Russian-Lankan exercises, maneuvers with CSTO members "Unbreakable Brotherhood-2021" and "Rubezh-2021", as well as exercises "Peace Mission-2021", "Friendship-2021", "Indra-2021", "Laros-2021" and "Selenga-2021"will take place. Seven exercises will be held on the territory of Russia, and two more-outside of it.

The main efforts of the Ground Forces in 2021 will be aimed at preparing formations and military units to participate in the final events of combat training of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

Aerospace Forces

A new period of study in Air and space power began with the commander of the flight. The crews of operational-tactical, long-range, military transport and army aviation are already working out all the elements of flight training in difficult meteorological conditions day and night.

The main tasks of the Aerospace Forces for 2021 include ensuring the required level of training of military command and control bodies and troops, improving the quality of ongoing training activities for troops (forces) without reducing the intensity of combat training, and implementing measures to re-equip formations and military units of the Aerospace Forces with new and modernized weapons and equipment.

Also, the efforts of the Armed Forces will be aimed at mastering advanced automated controls, digital equipment and improving the practical skills of officials in the command posts of the VKS, maintaining the duty forces (shifts) in readiness to perform tasks in any situation.

For long-range aviation, tactical flight exercises with aviation regiments are planned with the development of relocation to unfamiliar operational airfields, refueling in the air, combat use of aircraft weapons and other tasks.

The Military transport Aviation, which will celebrate its 90th anniversary in 2021, faces new, unique tasks in a number of indicators, including the search for new tactical techniques, the development of new and modernized equipment, and the improvement of the organizational and staff structure of units and formations.

Among the priorities of the Space Forces is the implementation of the launch schedule for military and dual-use spacecraft, as well as maintaining constant readiness for the use of the missile attack warning system, space control and control of spacecraft of the Russian orbital group.

Training of troops of the Air and Missile Defense Command of the VKS includes conducting tactical exercises with live firing with units and military units of anti-aircraft missile and radio engineering troops, providing missile defense of Moscow and the Central Industrial District.


Navy forces will continue to perform tasks in all areas of the world's oceans. The purpose of combat training of the forces and troops of the Navy in 2021 will be to maintain combat and mobilization readiness at a level that guarantees security from sea and ocean directions. This will take into account the fact of expansion and the nature of new threats to military security.

Among the features of the training is the joint development of tasks by ship forces, Naval aviation and Coastal troops for the landing of amphibious landings, conducting combat and special operations, and by Naval aviation crews-actions as part of tactical groups in difficult meteorological conditions and interference conditions with the implementation of refueling in the air.

This year, the Navy ships will conduct exercises with NATO ships for the first time in 10 years.

The maneuvers called "AMAN-2021" will be held in February 2021 off the coast of Pakistan. From the Russian Navy, a frigate, a patrol ship and a rescue tugboat will take part in the exercise. The participation of a Marine corps unit, a mine clearance unit and a sea-based helicopter was also confirmed. The initiator of the international exercises was the Pakistan Navy. In addition to the host party and the Russian Navy, the maneuvers will involve the U.S. Navy, Royal Navy UK, the Chinese Navy, Maritime self-defense force of Japan, the Turkish Navy and the ships of the navies of the Philippines, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Indonesia.

Participation in the exercise "AMAN-2021" was confirmed by only about 30 countries, but only the above-mentioned ones will send a ship's composition to maneuvers, the rest will be limited to the role of observers. The aim of the AMAN-2021 exercise is to strengthen and develop military cooperation between the participating countries in the interests of security and stability at sea, as well as the exchange of experience between military sailors.

The last time Russian Navy ships participated in joint exercises with NATO ships was in 2011, when maneuvers called "Bold Monarch" were held off the coast of Spain to search for and assist emergency submarines. From Russia, a detachment of ships of the Black Sea Fleet participated as part of the diesel-electric submarine "Alrosa", the rescue tug" Miner", the keel-158 ship and the rescue ship"Epron".

Strategic missile Forces

In the Strategic Missile Forces in the first half of 2021, it is planned to conduct more than 200 combat training events, including tactical and tactical-special exercises with missile regiments and missile divisions, as well as a number of command and staff exercises with missile associations and formations under the leadership of the commander of the Strategic Missile Forces and commanders of missile armies.

In 2021, when conducting combat training events, special attention will be paid to the development and operation of modern weapons, military and special equipment.

With each missile regiment, it is necessary to work out the issues of performing combat training tasks both on combat patrol routes and in the positional areas of missile formations during combat duty. In addition, in the support units, the duration of the field exit will increase to a month. The number of regimental, battalion and company exercises will also increase.

In 2021, work will continue to improve the combat training of personnel, complicate the requirements for the level of training of all categories of military personnel, as well as the use of promising weapons and new equipment during the training process. The introduction of new programs and techniques in the course of tactical training activities will make it possible to fully use all the tactical and technical characteristics laid down in the latest missile systems, the Ministry of Defense expects.

Airborne troops

The 2021 academic year in the formations and military units of the Airborne Troops has been declared the year of preservation and enhancement of the Guards traditions of the Airborne Forces. In the coming year, more than 2,600 live-fire exercises have been planned with the personnel of military units. Of these, more than 1,800 combat firing squads, more than 550 combat firing platoons, more than 150 company tactical exercises, of which about 30 will be bilateral.

Amphibious assault and parachute units will take part in 16 battalion tactical exercises with the landing of personnel and equipment.

Four regimental tactical exercises were planned with the landing of military personnel and military equipment. In 2021, on the basis of the Ryazan Guards School of the Airborne Forces, training in the specialty "Fire training Instructor"will continue. In the coming year, more than 50 events are planned according to the plan of international activities, seven of which are joint exercises of the troops. The main event of combat training of troops will be the participation of the Airborne Forces in the joint strategic exercise "West-2021".

The Ministry of Defense emphasizes that strict implementation of combat and operational training plans in the Armed Forces will allow maintaining a high level of combat capability of the troops and adequately responding to possible exacerbations of the military-political situation.

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