Transfer of a new batch of T-72B3 captured on video


The upgraded T-72B3 tanks were loaded onto platforms and sent by rail to the troops. This was reported by the press service of Uralvagonzavod, part of rostec, and posted a video.

The modernization has touched almost all systems of the T-72B3. First, the vehicles received new engines, and second, a modern fire control system with automatic target tracking. This makes it possible to reduce the time for training gunners-operators and not reduce the effectiveness of shooting. Third, there is a rear-view camera and a driver-mechanic display system. By the way, the thermal imaging channels of domestic production in their characteristics are not inferior to foreign ones that were installed on cars earlier.

Thanks to all these innovations, the maneuverability of battle tanks has improved and their level of protection has increased. The company noted one of the main technological solutions-armored vehicles are equipped with additional protection modules in the so-called soft case. This increased the armor resistance without significantly increasing the mass of the T-72B3.

Uralvagonzavod carried out all work under the state defense order for major repairs and deep modernization of T-72B tanks to the level of T-72B3. After acceptance tests, during which representatives of the military Department checked all the systems of actions of the driver, gunner, operator and commander of each tank, the combat vehicles were accepted. Now they will join the army.

Svetlana Tsygankova

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