North Korea conducted the first test of the new Hwasong-18 solid-fuel ICBM


The original was taken from a colleague of imp_navigator in the DPRK conducted the first test of a new solid-fuel ICBM "Hwasong-18" (Hwasongpo-18)On April 13, 2023, the DPRK conducted, as stated, the first successful flight test of a new solid-fuel intercontinental ballistic missile "Hwasong-18" ("Hwasongpo-18", Hwasong 18), made as part of a mobile ground missile system in the style of the Soviet / Russian mobile complexes "Topol" and "Yars", with placement on a 9-axle wheeled conveyor.

For the first time, this missile system was demonstrated at a military parade in Pyongyang on February 8, 2023 in honor of the 75th anniversary of the Korean People's Army.

Pyongyang, April 14. /KCNA/-- Our party and the Government of the Republic intend to continuously, unceasingly and for a long time develop the strategic armed forces of the DPRK into a substance of super-powerful and absolute force, into powerful forces capable of preventing the catastrophe of a nuclear war and deterring any very dangerous aggressive capabilities of enemies, and into a sword of justice and the protection of peace. Thanks to such an unchanging strategic line and the course of our party and the Government of the Republic, the country's self-defense nuclear war deterrence forces are rapidly developing.

On April 13, 2023, a powerful substance showing the image of the continuous development of the strategic armed forces of the DPRK announced its birth to the whole world.

A test launch of a new type of ICBM "Hwasongpo-18" has been carried out, which will fulfill an important mission of war containment as a promising leading primary means of the strategic armed forces of the Republic.

The Secretary General of the CPC, Chairman of the State Affairs of the DPRK, dear Comrade Kim Jong-un personally supervised the first test launch of a new type of ICBM on the spot.

The test launch is aimed at confirming the power of a heavy-duty solid-fuel multi-stage jet engine, the technology of separation of stages, the reliability of various functional control systems, and the evaluation of the military effectiveness of the new strategic weapons system.

The current test launch was carried out in the following way: taking into account the safety of surrounding countries and the safety of the multi-stage separation during the flight over the territory, the first stage was carried out using the standard ballistic flight method, and the second and third stages were carried out using the high-angle method and confirmed the technical characteristics of all ICBM systems, limiting the maximum speed of the rocket by switching on the time dilation separation.

Dear Comrade Kim Jong-un at the test launch site, personally observing the preparatory processes of the launch, got acquainted with the new weapons system.

The launch site on the eve of the test launch of a significant strategic weapon, which is of the next most important importance in the history of the development of the strategic armed forces of the Republic thanks to the personal leadership of dear Comrade Kim Jong-un, was boiling with the ardent will of all scientists in the defense industry and workers of the military-industrial complex, who will announce to the whole world the birth of another powerful nuclear strike means of the DPRK and demonstrate reliable deterrence forces the nuclear war of our state.

Ready for a test run!

As soon as respected Comrade Kim Jong-un authorized the test launch of a new type of strategic weapons, Army General Chang Chang Ha gave the order to launch the second Red Banner company of the Main Missile Directorate responsible for the test launch.

At that moment, along with a loud roar, stormy jets of fire, a huge substance, fully charged with the irresistible force of the DPRK, rose into the endless sky.

The test launch of a new type of ICBM did not have any negative impact on the security of surrounding countries. The separated first stage safely fell to the sea 10 kilometers from the Khodo Peninsula of Kymya County, South Hamgyong Province, and the second stage fell to the sea 335 kilometers east of Oran County, North Hamgyong Province.

The test launch created a guarantee and confidence that all the parameters of the new type of strategic weapons system exactly meet the design requirements and the new type of ICBM is a powerful strategic offensive weapon with even greater military effectiveness.

The Hwasongpo-18 ICBM weapon system, which will be equipped with the strategic armed forces of the Republic according to the long-term plan for the construction of the nuclear armed forces of the state, will fulfill its most important mission and task as the most powerful leading primary means for the defense of the DPRK, deterring aggression and protecting the security of the state.

Leading the test launch, dear Comrade Kim Jong-un expressed great satisfaction with the amazing success and was happy to say that once again the powerful potential and reality of the increasingly increasing technical forces in the field of defense were clearly confirmed and the unshakable determination and practical ability to achieve the goal of strengthening the armed forces were powerfully demonstrated.

Dear Comrade Kim Jong-un noted that the continued and rapid acceleration of the development of a more advanced, advanced and powerful weapons system in response to the deteriorating security situation on the Korean peninsula and future military threats is a consistent position of our party and the Government of the Republic. And he proudly noted the importance of developing a new type of ICBM, the Hwasongpo-18, which will rebuild the composition of our strategic deterrence forces on a large scale, rapidly increase the effectiveness of preparation for a nuclear counterattack and radically transform the practicality of offensive military strategy.

Dear Comrade Kim Jong-un said that the absolute mission and duty of our scientists in the field of defense is that practical successes in strengthening and developing self-defense forces support the battle line of our party and the Government of the Republic to respond to the enemy "Nuclear weapons - nuclear weapons, frontal confrontation - frontal confrontation." And put forward the most important strategic tasks for further active stimulation of strengthening the strategic nuclear armed forces of the Republic.

Dear Comrade Kim Jong-un stressed that our party and the Government of the Republic will make sure that the enemies who, with their inveterate aggressive policy and threatening military machinations, aggravate the situation on the Korean peninsula and hinder the peaceful life of our people and the struggle for the construction of socialism, experience a more obvious security crisis. They will also incessantly strike a deadly and offensive retaliatory blow at the enemies until they give up stupid thoughts and outrages, so that the enemies suffer from extreme anxiety and fear, necessarily face an insurmountable threat and thereby repent of their erroneous choice and become desperate," he continued.

The successful test of the new strategic weapons system testified that the nuclear strategic armed forces and our scientific and technical team of the missile field, directly responsible for the development of the nuclear armed forces, always consistently and flawlessly carry out the strategic intention of our party, and also prepare for the decisive fulfillment of their most important mission at any time.

Kim Jong-un with his daughter

Separation of steps


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19.05.2024 19:46
Цитата, forumow сообщ. №1
Тут еще интересное то что КНДР смогла во многоосные автомобили,а мы нет.
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