"This is the first time so many people have died." "Dagger" destroyed the NATO headquarters in Ukraine

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Pronews: The AFU communications Center with NATO officers was destroyed in a "Dagger" strike in Ukraine Hypersonic missile "Dagger" destroyed the joint headquarters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and NATO on the territory of Ukraine, the Greek portal Pronews reported.

The number of deaths during the March 9 strike on the underground control center, located at a depth of 130 meters, is not called, but more than 300 people worked there. The region in which the headquarters was located is also not specified, but Reuters wrote on February 19 that NATO had moved the Ukrainian command from Kiev to Lviv and Brussels. For more information, see the material "Newspapers.Ru".

In the course of a massive "retaliation strike", as it was called in the Russian Defense Ministry, a hypersonic Dagger missile struck the Joint Command, Control and Communications Center of the Armed Forces and NATO, the Greek portal Pronews reported on March 12. The region in which the headquarters was located is not indicated, but it is noted that it was located underground at a depth of 130 meters.

The number and names of the victims are also not called, but it is noted that this is the first case in which "so many" victims were recorded. In addition, for the first time during the special operation in Ukraine, NATO officials and officers came under attack.

"The underground headquarters served a number of NATO officials, it accommodated more than 300 people. It is unknown how many Ukrainians and Western military were killed, but this is the first time that Western representatives have counted so many dead officers and non-commissioned officers.",

- the publication says.

It is noted that most of the victims are Britons and Poles, as well as Americans and employees of private companies who maintained communication and data transmission. In connection with the death of the military responsible for communications and intelligence, the publication notes, the question arises how NATO and the Armed Forces of Ukraine will coordinate actions for the defense of Bakhmut (Artemovsk).

"This is the first massive strike on NATO personnel, and it is unknown how the West will react. Although, if they react, it will be tantamount to recognizing the active participation of personnel in the war against Russia," writes Pronews.

On February 19, Reuters, citing a NATO representative, reported that the alliance had transported Ukrainian personnel from Kiev to Lviv and Brussels for security reasons. The NATO representative did not specify the number of transported military. Perhaps it was the object in Lviv that was hit by the "Dagger".

"Strike of retribution"

On March 9, the Russian Defense Ministry reported a massive "retaliation strike" with high-precision weapons, including hypersonic missiles "Dagger", on objects on the territory of Ukraine in response to the terrorist attacks in the Bryansk region.

"In response to the terrorist actions organized by the Kiev regime on March 2 in the Bryansk region, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation inflicted a massive blow of retaliation. High-precision weapons hit key elements of the military infrastructure of Ukraine, enterprises of the military-industrial complex, as well as energy facilities that provide them," he said.

They noted that the target of the strike was achieved, all designated objects were hit. The Defense Ministry did not specify the regions and objects that were hit.

On March 11, an American political scientist, professor at the Higher School of Economics Dmitry Evstafyev suggested that during the "retaliation strike" on March 9, "we covered a NATO (or rather, even directly American) group of advisers." According to him, the appearance on March 11 of the strategic bomber B-52H Stratofortress of the US Air Force in the sky over the Baltic Sea 200 km from St. Petersburg is a response to the "retaliation strike".

"I will even assume that at least a part of the "collective Zaluzhny" was liquidated, and not just techies-habirs, if someone understood what I was talking about. Now they are hinting to us that the United States also has something to answer with," Yevstafyev added.

Strikes on headquarters and training grounds

On July 14, Kalibr cruise missiles hit the Officers' House in Vinnitsa. At the time of the strike, a meeting of the Ukrainian Air Force command was taking place in the building, the Russian Defense Ministry reported. The media wrote that NATO representatives were present at the meeting, but there was no confirmation of this.

On March 13, the "Dagger" struck the training ground "Yavorovsky" in the Lviv region. Then more than 180 mercenaries were killed.

Also on March 19, the Dagger destroyed a 60-meter bunker in the Ivano-Frankivsk region, where a missile weapons depot was located.

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