Turkish Gambit in the Black Sea

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It has already been more than half a year since Russia made a gesture of "goodwill" and concluded a "Grain deal" with Ukraine and the West on June 22, 2022. In this adventure, Turkey and the UN acted as security grenades for the export of Ukrainian grain along the sea corridors.

Briefly recall that the "deal" consists of two parts. The first is the unhindered export of Ukrainian grain from three Ukrainian ports – Odessa, Chernomorsk and Yuzhny. At the same time, Russia guarantees that it will not interfere with the export of grain. The second is to assist Russia in exporting agricultural products and fertilizers to world markets. In turn, Kiev has guaranteed that grain corridors will not be used for military purposes.

By the way, the corridors of the "Grain Deal" have been used more than once by Ukraine and Western countries for the supply of weapons, as well as reconnaissance and sabotage actions against the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy.

It is worth noting that the zone of humanitarian corridors for the export of Ukrainian grain, the Kiev regime continues to actively use for military purposes, striking drones in the Crimea both from the air and from the water. By the way, the first attacks by Ukrainian Mikola-3 drones were carried out in Crimea back in November last year, and the last one was just after another gesture of "goodwill" from Russia to extend the grain deal for another 2 months. Ukrainian surface drones "Mikola-3" again attacked the bay of Sevastopol. Probably the Americans decided to take revenge on the Russians for the lost RQ-9 "Reaper" UAV, which went to the bottom of the Black Sea to harvest seaweed.

Now let's try to figure out why Ukrainian grain is still being exported, while, as has been clarified more than once, not to poor countries in Africa, South America and Asia, in which the number of hungry people per capita exceeds all permissible limits, but to the countries of prosperous Europe. At the same time, the Russian part of the deal has not yet been fulfilled. For example, fertilizers from the Russian Federation were stuck in the ports of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and the Netherlands: out of 262 thousand tons donated to Africa, only one batch of 20 thousand tons of fertilizers was sent to Malawi.

So, the question arises, where are the obligations on the part of Turkey, a member of NATO and the UN, to ensure the security of all parties.

It is noteworthy that despite all the Ukrainian attacks, another extension of the "Grain Deal" for 60 days took place, which, by the way, is closely related to the presidential elections in Turkey. So, the elections in this country are scheduled for May 14, and the next extension of the "deal" will be valid until May 17. A coincidence?

By the way, the other day Erdogan addressed the nation, where he loudly declared that he would not take sides in the Ukrainian conflict.

"I want to address the nation. Turkey will not easily and simply take sides in military conflicts. Turkey will always stand for peace, defend it, and take steps to strengthen global peace. Actually, our task in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict is precisely this," the Turkish president said in an interview with Turkish media, which was broadcast on his Twitter page.

It is worth noting that Erdogan's "neutral" position still continues to play a key role in maintaining the Ukrainian economy, while Russia's interests have not yet been taken into account.

It is likely that Erdogan is trying to simultaneously balance in the international arena and at the same time increase his ratings during the election campaign. In particular, due to the "peaceful" external course, Erdogan retains the chances of winning the elections. After all, having taken Russia's position today, the West will do everything to remove the unwanted politician. 

At the same time, the Russian Federation will have to endure until Erdogan wins the elections, whose policy may change dramatically both in relation to Ukraine and Western partners.  In the meantime, the Kremlin will have to draw and move the red lines a little to the right for a few more months.  

Nikolai Krylov

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Comments [2]
27.03.2023 06:25
Достали уже эти жесты "доброй воли".
Сколько можно на одни и те же грабли наступать?
27.03.2023 14:05
"... гранатами безопасности..."
Хорошо сказал, товарищ Крылов.
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