The US compared the T-90M tanks and the American Abrams

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The author of an article in Newsweek magazine compared the characteristics of two tanks — the T-90M "Breakthrough" and M1 Abrams, which the United States promised to deliver to Ukraine. The main advantages of the Russian tank, according to the expert, are that the T-90M is lighter and requires less maintenance.

Ellie CookAs reported by Newsweek, the Russian T-90M tank falls short of its "main competitor" — the American M1 Abrams, promised to Ukraine.

The T-90M tank, also known as the "Breakthrough-3", is a deep modernization of the T-72. The Russian media proclaimed it "the most perfect car in the T-90 family." According to TASS, it has a more powerful engine, a fundamentally new turret and increased survivability, and a new multi-channel sight ensures the use of weapons at any time of the day.

The tank is equipped with a 125mm 2A46M-4 cannon capable of destroying enemy vehicles at a range of up to five kilometers with guided missiles and standard ammunition. In addition, it has a paired 7.62 mm machine gun mount.

TASS adds that the T-90M can exchange data in real time with other combat vehicles, and its armor is equipped with a special anti—slip coating - the same is used on the newest T-14 Armata.

On January 12, 2023, Russian state media reported that the Uralvagonzavod concern had transferred another batch of modernized T-90M "Breakthrough" main battle tanks to the troops. At the end of February, the Ministry of Defense stated that they had already been used against Ukrainian militants "on the front line." The first such tank entered service in 2020. T-90M recently took part in the battles near the Estuary in the east of Donetsk region. This was reported by the state media on March 16.

According to Michael Peck, an expert in military technology and defense, the T-90M "Breakthrough" "looks impressive, but Russian tanks always look good until they are used in combat."

"However, until the experience of combat operations proves otherwise, I would say that the M1A2 Abrams is significantly superior to the T-90M," he said in an interview with Newsweek.

According to experts, both tanks are good, and it is difficult to make direct comparisons between them. There are many other factors on which the success of the tank depends, including support vehicles and trained personnel.

On January 25, President Biden announced that the United States would supply Ukraine with 31 M1 Abrams tanks, which, according to him, is enough to equip a Ukrainian tank battalion. He added that the Kiev troops should "resist the developing tactics and strategy of Russia on the battlefield in the very near future."

According to the Russian state defense corporation Rostec, during the development of the T-90M "Breakthrough", "M1 Abrams — one of the heaviest modern tanks with multilayer armor — was considered as the main competitor."

The advantage of the T-90 is that its weight is much less — this allows it to move more easily through mud and cross small bridges," says Peck. —Depending on the modification, the weight of the Abrams can range from 67.6 to 73.6 tons, while the T-90M is about 48 tons."

He adds that the Russian tank is equipped with a standard diesel engine, which requires less maintenance. On the other hand, M1 Abrams uses gas turbine engines and can even run on kerosene. Experts previously told Newsweek that Abrams is "a hog that greedily consumes fuel."

Peck explained that even if the latest Abrams models are not delivered, their devices "will certainly surpass the devices on the T-90," which will give American tanks "an advantage in range and accuracy of fire."

M1 Abrams tanks in various modifications can be equipped with a 120 mm cannon, as well as 12.7 mm 7.62 mm machine guns.

"Although the T-90 can fire anti-tank missiles, a salvo from the 120 mm cannon of the M1A2 tank with armor—piercing feathered sub—caliber shells (APFSDS) will be more deadly," says Peck, "But questions remain about what equipment the Abrams will be delivered to Ukraine with and how they will show themselves against these missiles."

"Ultimately, when used correctly, the M1A2 should more than match the T-90M," Peck said.

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25.03.2023 18:38
"Однако пока опыт боевых действий не докажет обратное, я бы сказал, что M1A2 Abrams значительно превосходит Т-90М", — заявил он в интервью Newsweek." Если бы этот эксперт сказал обратное он перестал быть американским экспертом. Таковы правила "игры" в этом мире.
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