Irkut has decided to deliver 1,1 thousand aircraft by 2035

Image source: Фото: ТАСС/Марина Лысцева

Irkut Corporation plans to deliver 1099 domestic MC-21, Superjet and IL-114-300 aircraft by 2035. To do this, the aircraft manufacturer will need funding in the amount of 4.15 trillion rubles. This was announced on June 10 by Kirill Budaev, Vice President, Head of Marketing and Sales of Civil Aircraft of the corporation, at the international conference "Aviation Finance and Leasing in Russia and the CIS".

"According to the forecast of the required number of the fleet until 2035, the supply of our civil aviation equipment for the three types of aircraft that we produce will amount to 1099 aircraft. Moreover, the demand in the Russian Federation in our segment will be 1079 aircraft-this is the supply of our and Western equipment. And the supply of our aircraft to the Russian Federation will amount to 734 cars, " the top manager said.

Budaev considers the delivery of such a large number of aircraft a great challenge. According to him, 99% of operations for the acquisition of Russian aircraft are leased. The main lessees in Russia at the moment are STLK and PSB Leasing, which is conducting a program for the delivery of 59 SSJ-100s in 2021-2022.

During the conference, Budaev also said that in 2022, the company will deliver six MC-21 aircraft to the first operator, Rossiya Airlines (part of the Aeroflot Group).

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Comments [2]
11.06.2021 05:39
Амбициозно. Хотелось бы чтоб сбылось.
14.06.2021 14:49
Ещё бы 1000 штук Су-57 произвели, не считая экспортных - было бы совсем хорошо. На фоне 2443 штуки F-35 + 187 штук F-22 для США - это совсем не много. А ведь штаты для себя ещё и F-15EX новые производят.
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