The Russian military transferred units of the 58th army to the exercises in the Crimea

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Rostov-on-Don. April 15. INTERFAX-Formations of the 58th Combined-arms Army of the Southern Military District (SE) have worked out combat training tasks as part of diverse tactical ones at the Opuk combined-arms training ground in the Crimea, the press service of the SE.

"The officers at the combat control point demonstrated the ability to solve tasks assigned to units as part of tactical groups during a bilateral tactical exercise," the report says.

The actions of the command staff of the association at the field control point were evaluated by the commander of the Southern Military District, General of the Army Alexander Dvornikov. He noted the effectiveness of unconventional approaches in the formation of tactical groups for specific tasks.

Units and formations of the 58th Combined Arms Army are stationed in the republics of the North Caucasus. The army headquarters is located in Vladikavkaz.

"The tactical group, as a designer, should include units capable of performing the task, as well as forces and means of covering and ensuring survivability," Dvornikov's words are quoted in the message.

Taking into account the combat experience of modern armed conflicts, powerful tank and artillery units or mobile motorized rifle companies on armored personnel carriers can now be involved in the tactical groups of the Southern Military District formations.

To ensure survivability, units of electronic warfare, air defense, chemical defense, engineering troops, unmanned aircraft calculations, anti-tank and sniper units are involved.

According to the press service, as part of the control check for the winter training period, bilateral tactical exercises are held simultaneously for the first time at various training grounds in the Southern Military District.

Formations and military units work out tasks in defense in cooperation with the forces of the 4th army of the Air Force and Air Defense of the Southern Military District, the Black Sea Fleet and the Caspian Flotilla.

On April 14, the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation announced the departure of a detachment of warships to the sea for training shooting.

"The events will also involve aircraft and helicopters of the naval aviation and air defense of the Black Sea Fleet," the press service of the fleet said.

The detachment includes the frigate Admiral Makarov, the small missile ships Grayvoron and Vyshny Volochyok, as well as large landing ships, the Samum hovercraft and the minesweeper Ivan Golubets, equipped with Kalibr cruise missiles.

"At sea, the crews of the ships will conduct single and joint test artillery firing at surface and air targets. The role of a conditional enemy will be performed by sea target shields, " the Black Sea Fleet said in a statement.

Earlier, the Southern Military District reported that 15 ships of the Caspian Flotilla are making the transition to the Black Sea for exercises. Among them are three artillery and eight landing boats, as well as support vessels.

On April 13, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that Russia is taking measures in response to threats from NATO, during a control check, two armies and three airborne units were deployed to the western borders.

The United States and European countries have expressed concern about the strengthening of the military group in Crimea and the movement of Russian troops near the border with Ukraine.

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