Chubais: hydrogen export can become a global Russian-European project

Image source: rusnanonet.ru

The export of hydrogen, 5-7% of which can be added to natural gas transported through pipelines without negative technological effects, can become a global Russian-European project. This was announced on Tuesday by Anatoly Chubais, Chairman of the management Board of RUSNANO management company, at the plenary session of the Russian-European climate conference.

"Let's integrate the existing infrastructure for gas export with the infrastructure under construction [in Western Europe] for hydrogen transit," he saidAnatoly Chubais. "Then it may turn out to be a global Russian-European project for decades to come."

In his opinion, Russia has huge opportunities for the production of hydrogen due to both a good start in the traditional energy sector and the developing sector of renewable energy sources (RES). The total capacity of the latter should reach 5.9 thousand by 2024. MW, which will give the country unique prerequisites for the production of "green" hydrogen, i.e. hydrogen that is produced using renewable energy capacities.

"Green hydrogen, added in small proportions to the existing gas transportation infrastructure, can strategically transform Russia from an exporter of hydrocarbons with an inevitable carbon footprint and an inevitable negative impact on the climate to a country that exports the cleanest fuel-green hydrogen," Chubais said. He noted that we are talking about strategic plans for the period of 20-40 years.


It was created on March 11, 2011 as a result of the reorganization of the State Corporation "Russian Corporation of nanotechnologies", founded in 2007. At the same time, part of the Corporation's assets is aimed at creating a Fund for infrastructure and educational programs (FIOP), whose task is to develop innovative infrastructure in the field of nanotechnology. The asset management function of RUSNANO JSC is performed by RUSNANO Management company LLC.

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02.12.2020 11:44
Вездесущий "спецалист". Вот где мои ваучеры никак не могу 30 лет найти.
02.12.2020 15:34
Ими торговали старые цыганки на Вашем базарчике. Купили по 10 000руб, продали чеченам в долларах, они приобрели нефтянку.
В.В.Путин организует еще два нефтехимкомплекса(Севера и ДВ) по триллиону рублей, предупредив всех мильярдеров, что нефть брать не будут через пять лет.
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