In the fight against the Russian Navy, the Norwegian Navy intends to rely on the stealth of the new Type 212CD submarines


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The Commander-in-Chief of the Norwegian Navy pointed to plans to counter the Russian navy, focusing on the commissioning of a new class of submarines.

The new submarines will change the rules of the game due to improved stealth, which will reduce their vulnerability, and due to a possible increase in the number of hulls, which will increase the deterrence potential.

- said Rear Admiral Oliver Berdahl in an interview with Naval News.

We are talking about a new type of Type 212CD submarine, which is being built in the interests of the Norwegian and German Navies. The propulsion system combines VNEU and hydrogen fuel cells.

A submarine can stay underwater for weeks without revealing itself, and this changes the rules of the game

- Berdahl believes.

The design of the submarine also provides improved acoustic stealth due to the new shape of the hull, better sound absorption capacity and reduced noise levels.

Image source: topwar.ru

It will be a submarine that is very difficult to find

- the admiral thinks.

According to him, Norway is exploring the possibility of expanding the order from 4 Type 212CD units to 6:

It was estimated that increasing the number of submarines to 6 would double operational readiness, increase the ability to resist enemy naval forces and deprive them of freedom of action.

Currently, the country's submarine forces number six Type 210 Ula submarines. Two of them will be decommissioned soon, and 4 will continue to serve until 212CD enters service by the mid-2030s. At the same time, 210 Ula underwent modernization, including the installation of new equipment and a new combat control system.

Construction of the first submarine of the 212CD project for the Norwegian Navy began at the German TKMS shipyard in Kiel in September 2023; delivery is expected in 2029.

As indicated in the CDS program of the Ministry of Defense, submarines will become a key potential of the Norwegian Navy, giving them the opportunity to inflict losses on enemy naval forces that depend on bases on the Kola Peninsula. This reveals the intention to rely on submarines in the fight against the Russian Navy.

According to Berdahl, the growing threat on Norway's doorstep is the main driving force behind the development of the Navy, as at the moment the capabilities of the Russian submarine fleet are higher than at any time in the last 30 years, while the number and power of its submarines are growing.

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