Back on the front line: the 57-mm "infernal thresher" was used in battles with the Israelis


Image source: Photo: Yuri Lyamin's Telegram channel

In addition to modern anti-tank systems, long-range missile systems, the armed wing of the Hezbollah movement has various artillery systems. Including the famous "infernal threshers" - 57-mm guns of the S-60 air defense complex. According to reports coming from Lebanon, recently one such cannon was involved in the shelling of Israeli positions.

As the Rossiyskaya Gazeta (the project "RG: Russian weapons" ) reminds, its firing range is 6000 m. The weight of the projectile is 2.8 kg. The initial speed reaches 1000 m/s. The rate of fire is up to 120 rounds per minute. Such guns are installed on various wheeled all-terrain vehicles.

Image source: Photo: Yuri Lyamin's Telegram channel

At the same time, these formations also have 57-mm ZSU-57-2 made in small quantities during the Soviet Union, made on the basis of T-54 medium tanks.

Also, the operation of self-made self-propelled guns continues, the platforms for which were used in the 2K12E "Kvadrat" anti-aircraft missile systems (the export designation of the "Cube" air defense system) GM-578 tracked chassis. Their B-6 diesel engines have a capacity of 280 hp. The maximum speed on the highway is 44 km / h. The fuel reserve is at least 300 km.

Image source: Photo: Yuri Lyamin's Telegram channel

In addition to the AZP-57, 85-mm KS-1 and 100-mm KS-19 are also mounted on them. The first gun can hit at 18,000 km, the second - at 21,000 km. However, their combat use has not yet been reported.

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