For 15 months, "Tor-M2" cleared the sky of its Turkish "Bayraktars"

Image source: https://kupol.ru/

According to the reports of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, which daily grow with dozens of destroyed planes, helicopters, missiles and attack drones of the enemy, during the special operation our anti-aircraft gunners and aviators destroyed over 660 planes and helicopters and more than 4,300 UAVs.

It is difficult to say how much of this statistic is due to the merits of the "Tors", but the fact that a significant part of the enemy's air threats were reflected by this formidable weapon is an obvious fact.

"Tor-M2" is capable of detecting four dozen aircraft at once at a distance of more than 30 km from the positional area.

Hitting targets can be done in motion, and shooting from the spot takes several minutes to deploy the antenna and prepare a rocket launch.

In turn, the high maneuverability of these machines allows you to immediately change positions after completing a combat mission, which makes the "Thor" practically invulnerable to enemy counter-battery.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation quite often publishes footage of the work of "Tors" in the SVO zone. The most memorable were reports on the combat use of SAMs by servicemen of the Southern and Eastern military districts, where anti-aircraft gunners demonstrated brilliant skills in covering ground units, destroying reconnaissance and strike drones of various types.

And in August last year, one of the calculations of the air defense system of the Western Military District unit shot down a Tochka-U ballistic missile flying towards the Russian border. It is not difficult to guess how many lives of peaceful Russians were saved by anti-aircraft gunners: if the missile had been missed, the victims could have numbered in the tens.

It is noteworthy that the "Tor" hit the Ukrainian missile from the first shot, although its speed was almost twice the limit of the technical capabilities of the complex.

And yet, in the history of modern warfare, "Tor-M2" will enter under the legendary call sign "killer of Bayraktars". UAVs widely advertised by foreigners practically ceased to appear in the Ukrainian sky in the first months of their operation.

In just a few days, our air defense systems destroyed the entire number of Bayraktars, the supplies of which Kiev spoke publicly. And after the Turkish ghost drones began to burn under the fire of the "Tori", their supplies gradually came to naught.

SAM "Tor-M2" on its OWN.
Source: https://kupol.ru/

Recall that the arsenal of "Tor-M2" includes 16 anti-aircraft guided missiles (SAM) 9M338K with a range of up to 16 km.

The equipment of the complex, consisting of a radar radar, a centimeter-range target detection station and other equipment, allows you to automatically identify and capture the most dangerous targets, including repelling massive attacks by attack aircraft in conditions of fire and electronic countermeasures.

The most recent, invaluable achievement of the designers of the Izhevsk "Dome" is that almost instantly they taught their machines to effectively destroy the missiles of the American HIMARS air defense system.

Further, the developers promise, there will be more, including further expansion of the sector of simultaneous firing of targets, an increase in the number of target and missile channels, an expansion of the range of anti-aircraft missiles is possible.

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