Fuel-free electric generation will become the basis of the energy of the 21st century


Fuel-free generator Global changes in the world, concerning both politics and lifestyle, are connected today largely with the introduction of new technologies and innovations in various fields of science and technology.

Most likely in 10-15 years the world will live in completely different conditions. Many professions will disappear due to the introduction of artificial intelligence and scientific achievements.

The potential for critical contradictions in the world is primarily associated with the depletion and reduction of the resource base. Because of this, the conspiracy theory of the world shadow government about the need to reduce the population on Earth began to be exaggerated in the press. If you look at the amount of money associated with payments for the supply of natural resources, then in the first place is the payment for energy resources. The existing power supply system has existed for about 150 years. And it is built mainly on the operation of large generating power units, electricity from which is transported over long distances to the consumer. Expensive generating units of nuclear power plants and thermal power plants are built only so that the turbines mechanically turn the generator rotor. In addition, the operation of generating stations requires a large number of maintenance personnel, scheduled preventive repairs, but the main problem is the burning of hydrocarbons and uranium fuel, whose reserves on Earth are finite. Already, there are developments that make it possible for generators to operate autonomously without the need to build power plant units. Such technologies are called fuel-free electric generation. Conventionally, fuel-free electric generators (BTG) can be divided into 2 types: 1. With the presence of a rotating rotor.These are developments whose schemes conceptually differ little from the generators installed at power plants.

The only difference is in the presence of an electric motor for rotating the rotor instead of having a mechanical transmission. It should be noted that this technology works, and there are mentions of industrial generation in various countries in the press, but in single copies. The reasons for this can only be guessed, but it is possible that the BTG of such schemes are intended rather for connection to centralized power supply systems. And then the question arises of the cost of BTG and the interest of power supply and power generation companies in buying electricity from such BTG. 2. Without rotating parts.This technology was developed by Neutrino Energy Group several years ago and is much preferable and more versatile in terms of consumer properties.

The know-how of the technology is a nanomaterial capable of converting the energy of electromagnetic, thermal and other energy fields of radiation of the invisible spectrum, including the kinetic energy of neutrino particles having mass, into electric current. Energy fields exist 24 hours a day, regardless of weather conditions, having a high penetrating power, which makes it equivalent to placing an energy source on the street, indoors or, say, in the basement of a residential building. The nanomaterial is applied to a metal foil, forming a densely pressed thin layer that forms a single whole with the foil, which avoids the flaking of the nanomaterial and the loss of its operational properties. The nanomaterial consists of alternating layers of graphene and doped silicon. Schematically, the nanomaterial is shown in Fig. 1. [...]

Fig.1. Schematic representation of the nanomaterial Graphene (carbon) and silicon belong to group 4 of the periodic table of chemical elements and have 4 covalent bonds.

And if the specific conductivity of graphene is close to the specific conductivity of metals such as copper, then silicon belongs to the class of semiconductors. The concentration of intrinsic charge carriers in silicon at room temperature is about 1.5⋅1010 cm-3. Therefore, in order to create n-type electronic or electrical conductivity in silicon, silicon is doped with elements of group 5 or 6 of the periodic table periodic table, as specified in Patent No. EP3265850A1. The patent also states that graphene is doped with chemical elements having magnetic properties. The mechanism of electric current generation consists in the occurrence of a "graphene wave" under the influence of the thermal motion of graphene atoms and the elastic interaction of neutrinos having mass with the nucleus of graphene atoms. The cross-section of the nucleus of a graphene atom, consisting of 6 protons and 6 neutrons, is very small compared to the size of the graphene atom itself (the size of the carbon atom is 0.7 Å = 0.07 nm = 0.000,000,000 07 m), but the neutrino neutral particle flux is 60 billion particles per second crossing 1 cm2 of the earth's surface. Although only a fraction of a percent of the total neutrino flux hits the nucleus of a graphene atom, but this interaction, which leads to the complete or partial transfer of the kinetic energy of neutrinos into the kinetic energy of the motion of graphene atoms, is very important, because it contributes to an increase in the frequency and amplitude of vibrations of graphene atoms and their transfer to the resonance of atomic vibrations. The pulsed interaction of the electric field of charged graphene particles with magnetic fields created by chemical elements with magnetic properties in the nanomaterial leads to the appearance of an electromotive force (EMF) in each layer of vibrating graphene, directing charged particles in one direction, i.e. the appearance of a constant electric current (Fig.2).

Graphene layer diagram The cardinal difference from the existing schemes of fuel-free generators with a rotating rotor and existing generators installed at power plants is that in Neutrinovoltaic technology, EMF does not arise as a result of rotation of a rotor with a magnetic coil, but due to vibrations of graphene in nanomaterial.

Currently, it is possible to obtain a voltage of 1.5 V and a current of 2 A from a plate 200x300 mm. The electric generating unit with a net capacity of 5-6 kW (Fig.3), made up of such plates, has a size of 800x400x600 mm.

Fuel-free generator Next year, it is planned to launch 2 industrial plants in Switzerland and Korea.

If a small-capacity plant is being built in Switzerland (100 thousand units of generators with a capacity of 5-6 kW), then a mega-factory will be built in Korea, which by 2029 plans to reach an annual production capacity of 30 GW with a further increase in production volumes. At the same time, intensive negotiations are underway between an international consortium of institutional investors and manufacturing companies on the construction of similar plants in Southeast Asia. Licenses for the right to produce Neutrinovoltaic power sources have also been sold to a number of companies in various countries, including Russia. In addition, together with Indian partners, Neutrino Energy Group is starting development work on the creation of a self-charging Pi electric vehicle, the power plant of which will be similar in some way to Tesla electric vehicles, but the body of the Pi— electric vehicle will have a system of energy collection points from the surrounding fields of invisible spectrum radiation and thermal fields, as well as a system of capacitors. According to the work plan, the Pi – electric vehicle should be developed within 3 years. The future in energy and transport belongs to fuel—free generation, since this is the only way to preserve life on Earth, and as an alternative, such a scenario is possible - natural disasters and a climate catastrophe, a sharp reduction in population and a return to kindling and horses. Author: Rumyantsev L.K., Candidate of Technical Sciences.

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Что за, простите, ХРЕНЬ, тут запостили? 0.5Вт с кв. дециметра площади от НЕЙТРИНО? Совсем сдурели?

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Чтобы нейтрино провзаимодействовало с веществом

В материале, все же, не только про нейтрино речь. Про нейтрино упоминается походя. Основное:

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Цитата, Os сообщ. №3

В материале, все же, не только про нейтрино речь. Про нейтрино упоминается походя. Основное:


преобразовывать энергию электромагнитных, тепловых и других энергетических полей излучений невидимого спектра
Здорово, осталось понять откуда взять плотность этих энергий в 5-6 кВт на тот небольшой кубик, который они так красиво нарисовали.
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