Putin stated the need to increase the volume and quality of military equipment

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The President noted that extraordinary measures are not needed to meet the needs of the Armed Forces of the Russian FederationMOSCOW, November 24.

/tass/. Russian President Vladimir Putin has set the task of increasing the volume of supplies to the troops and improving the quality of products.

"It is important for us not only to increase the volume and range of supplies, but also to improve the quality characteristics of products," the head of state said on Thursday at a meeting with members of the coordinating council under the government to meet the needs of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

"That is why direct communication of manufacturers, design centers with those who use this technique is so important," Putin said. At the meeting, he instructed to submit reports on how this mechanism works.

Extraordinary measures to meet the needs of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation are not needed, Putin said. At the same time, the head of state pointed out the need for clear coordination between various structures. "We have agreed, and there is no need to introduce any extraordinary measures, nothing needs to be done, but we need to establish clear, high-quality, well-coordinated work," Putin said. According to him, "this is generally useful, and in this situation it is simply necessary to provide our armed forces with everything necessary in a timely manner, including during a special military operation."

The President believes that "all issues are important here, including equipment, equipment, medicine, monetary allowances for military personnel, construction work for military purposes, special military equipment." "For each of these areas, targets should be formed with clear production programs and deadlines for the delivery of everything necessary," he demanded.

The Head of State added that such work supports not only the defense industry, but also related industries. "We need to use what is developing in real life in order to support both promising developments and industrial production. Of course, this should be done in strictly fixed volumes, in units, with the dates of receipt of products to those who should use these products," Putin said. At the meeting, he is waiting for reports on how the implementation of the targets is progressing.

The President recalled that the coordinating council under the government has been operating for more than a month, so it is possible to sum up "some results and, if necessary, adjust the work." "We have launched this mechanism to radically improve the quality of coordination and the pace of work of ministries, departments, regions and enterprises - and in general, but also on the implementation of the state defense order, on the supply of a special military operation," the head of state stated.

Putin said that he would discuss issues of the state defense order and the tasks of the defense industry at the upcoming board of the Ministry of Defense. "In general, close joint work is needed in this case between the armed forces and the military-industrial complex, including when drafting and adjusting the state defense order, when setting promising tasks for our industry. We will definitely discuss these issues at the upcoming board of the Ministry of Defense," the head of state said.

Putin assured that further work will be built in this way. He also drew attention to the importance of feedback. "I know that representatives of design bureaus, scientific organizations and especially industrial enterprises work with those who use these special products. It is necessary that the entire flow of information be used in order to make adjustments to this great joint work at the necessary pace and in a timely manner. And adjustments, of course, are always in demand," he said, inviting the participants of the coordination council to discuss and reflect on this aspect. 

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25.11.2022 01:19
Учитывая что действует закон ограничивающий рентабельность, заставляя производителей продавать продукцию ВПК почти по себестоимости, из-за чего у ВПК огромные долги.
Да ещё поди никто не компенсировал скакнувшую инфляцию в 2022 предприятиям ВПК.
Рассчитывать на большой рост при таких раскладах тяжело
25.11.2022 02:46

Оказывается наши даже применяют сетецентричность на Украине - "Стрелец-М" (планшет оказался Leica), но видимо очень слегка, а не как хотелось бы. Начнут хоть массово применять? "Ланцетов" вроде побольше стало в последнее время, хотя и не на столько, на сколько хотелось бы - видимо надо ещё раз в 10 наращивать их производство. Они должны быть в каждом батальоне на линии фронта.
25.11.2022 12:23
ГАЗ наполовину стоит, нам надо сто тысяч Шишиг-нео по разным пластиковым бронемашинам, главнее кунги с буржуйкой и не попадешь под беспилотник, цена почти  даром, завод с коллективом готовый.
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