Russia will offer India the technology of the Octopus tank

Image source: vitalykuzmin.net

Russia will participate in the Indian tender for the supply of light tanks and is ready to share with the customer the technologies for their creation.

- Rosoboronexport will definitely take part in the competition with the Octopus light floating tank. We will even offer technology transfer and, quite likely, localization of the production of individual units," RIA Novosti quotes the head of the company Alexander Mikheev.

He recalled that the Octopus-SDM1 is the only light floating vehicle in its class with the firepower of the main tank. The 125 mm Octopus cannon uses ammunition from the arsenal of T-72M1 and T-90S (the production of these shells is established in India). The gun can also fire guided missiles capable of hitting armored vehicles (including dynamic protection) at a distance of up to five kilometers.

The Russian machine lands from ships and climbs high into the mountains, works confidently at extremely high and low temperatures, in thin air. For India - in light of the smoldering conflict with China over the mountainous province of Aksaychin - these opportunities are of particular interest.

Anton Valagin

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09.12.2021 03:05
Дели первым делом попросит наладить авиадесантирование легких танков и топлива с боеприпасами, этим и интересен "Спрут".
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