Russian companies will become suppliers of hydrogen solutions at the early market stage

Image source: ОАО РОСНАНО

The early market for hydrogen in transport is limited by the appearance of infrastructure and will last for another 5-7 years, Mikhail Nenyukov, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board and Chief Operating Officer of RUSNANO Group, said during the panel session "Digital and Green Transport: development trends and agglomeration aspect" at the 16th International Commercial Vehicle Exhibition COMTRANS 2021.

"At the early market stage, our companies plan to become a supplier of integrated hydrogen solutions through flexible full-cycle production with deep vertical integration, offering mobile energy as a full-life-cycle service," he saidMikhail Nenyukov. - Such production should be close to the consumer and be flexible to adapt to the changing market conditions. In addition, there is a strong electrochemical school in Russia, which has not lost its scientific positions. This means that we have a chance to become a leader in the new energy market."

He added that in order to unite the efforts of research teams and properly interact with the home market, the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, together with InEnergy, has created a center "Transport electrochemical solutions". It brings together the best scientific teams of the country in the field of metal-ion energy storage devices.

The use of hydrogen energy in transport is the most current trend in the use of renewable energy sources. Next year, Moscow will begin testing the first water bus - an eco-friendly and cost-effective public transport that will improve the lives of Muscovites.


The RUSNANO Group includes the RUSNANO Joint-Stock Company, the RUSNANO Management Company and the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs. Thanks to RUSNANO's investments, 138 enterprises and R&D centers operate in 37 regions of Russia.

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