Swift Tactical Systems improves the UAV tailsitter "Swift021"

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TSAMTO, August 25. Swift Tactical Systems, a division of Swift Engineering, recently performed more than two dozen flights of the UAV vertical takeoff and landing "Swift021" (Swift021) at Leach Field (Colorado) to collect data on its capabilities when used at high altitudes.

According to the company, in order to meet the customer's requirements, the UAV must perform flights at high altitudes, including in hot and humid areas and in mountainous areas. The tests proved that the UAV "Swift021" will be able to perform take-off, transition to horizontal flight and accurate landing at altitudes of more than 10 thousand feet. At the same time, the Silvus StreamCaster radio station will reliably transmit streaming video and data to the ground control station, even in difficult conditions.

Made according to the "tailsitter" scheme, the "Swift021" does not need additional launch and landing systems and can take off and land vertically on a 50x50-foot platform. A special feature of the "Swift021" is the ability to perform vertical takeoff and landing as a multicopter and switch to horizontal flight without using rotary engines. "Swift 021" is equipped with an electric motor, can stay in the air for up to 2 hours and perform flights at a distance of more than 40 miles.

"Swift 021", designed and manufactured in the United States, meets military standards for strength and reliability. In addition, the "Swift021" is a modular unmanned system that allows you to quickly replace batteries, components and payloads for greater flexibility of application.

The weight of the equipped device is 13.6 kg. It is equipped with three pulling and one pushing propellers and is capable of reaching speeds from 37 to 83 km/h, the operating altitude is from 30 to 120 m. The UAV can be equipped with high-resolution EO/IR cameras, a satellite communication line, a digital camera with an interchangeable lens, multispectral or hyperspectral cameras.

As stated, Swift Tactical Systems is currently finalizing the UAV and continues to fulfill the contract signed in December 2019 with the Ministry of National Security of the Bahamas for the supply of 55 unmanned systems of various types, including "Swift021". Unmanned aerial vehicles and underwater vehicles will be used to support the tasks performed by the armed forces, police and security agencies of this island country.

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