The map of MAKS-2021 appeared in the geoservice 2GIS

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2GIS, the general navigation partner of the International Aviation and Space Salon, has prepared a detailed map of the MAKS-2021 Air Show. The map is already available in the 2GIS mobile application and on the website 2gis.ru.

"International aviation and space salons are large-scale events that involve the placement of expositions of hundreds of companies in various pavilions, the demonstration of many dozens of aircraft in a static parking lot. Modern IT solutions of the partner company 2GIS will help our guests to easily navigate on the site and quickly find various services, " said Vladimir Sovetkin, Deputy General Director of Aviasalon JSC.

A detailed interactive map of the air show site includes all infrastructure facilities from chalets and food outlets to stands inside pavilions and aircraft parking lots at a static exhibition. The names of planes, helicopters and other aircraft are signed on the map – this will allow you to better plan moving around a large area of the air show.

The functionality is complemented by navigation through the exhibition complex and the possibility of laying routes.

"Now it will be more convenient to navigate the territory of the air show using a smartphone. We have added to the map in 2GIS all the infrastructure that is useful for visitors: pavilions with a scheme of stands inside, shopping tents, security points, toilets, parking lots, a static exhibition plan with the location of aircraft from airplanes and helicopters to unmanned systems and, of course, all catering points, " said Ekaterina Baranovskaya, director of the reference and cartographic production of the Moscow branch of 2GIS.

In 2GIS, you can also find convenient options for getting to the venue of MAKS-2021 or returning back to Moscow by transport. The map shows the places of stops of free shuttles that deliver visitors from the nearest train stations (platforms Rest and Yeseninskaya) to the entrances to the territory of the air show (CHECKPOINT-1 and CHECKPOINT-3).

2GIS is an international technology company in the Beber ecosystem. It is included in the top 30 most expensive companies in the Runet (Forbes, 2021). The main product is the 2GIS service, which combines a map, a directory of organizations and goods, as well as a navigator for drivers of cars, trucks and pedestrians. It works offline in mobile applications on Android and iOS and online on 2gis.ru. It covers more than 700 cities in 11 countries. The active audience of 2GIS is more than 54 million users per month.

The fifteenth International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2021 will be held in the city of Zhukovsky, Moscow region, from July 20 to 25, 2021. The event was organized by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and the State Corporation for Promoting the Development, Production and Export of High-tech Industrial Products Rostec. The organizer of MAKS-2021 is JSC "Aviasalon".

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