U-UAZ completed training of Indian pilots for the Mi-171A2 helicopter

Image source: © Марина Лысцева/ТАСС

TSAMTO, March 12. The training center of the Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant of the Russian Helicopters Holding (part of the Rostec Group) has completed the training of the second stream of foreign specialists in the operation and maintenance of the Mi-171A2 helicopter.

Pilots and engineering and technical personnel of the Indian company Sky One Airways LTD were trained in two streams.

Foreign experts studied the aerodynamics of the Mi-171A2, the design and technical operation of the helicopter, its aviation and radio-electronic equipment, as well as the VK-2500PS-03 engine with a digital control system and an auxiliary power plant.

All specialists of Sky One Airways LTD received certificates of the established sample. Among the trainees were also specialists of the General Directorate of Civil Aviation of India, who conducted a preliminary inspection of the training center for its validation.

"When training the flight crew, special attention was paid to the order and rules of operation of the helicopter cabin equipment and its systems, the peculiarities of piloting techniques, the aerodynamics and dynamics of the helicopter flight, the management of the resources of the crew cabin, aviation communications and radiotelephony. Engineering and technical specialists, along with theoretical training, have completed practical training in operational maintenance and routine maintenance, " said Leonid Belykh, Managing Director of U-UAZ.

In addition, the focus of the pilots from India was on actions in non-standard and emergency situations, as well as preparing for flights with the withdrawal of the helicopter from a difficult spatial position.

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