The latest communication systems were received by the VVO Association stationed in the Republic of Buryatia

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TSAMTO, November 19. The latest automobile HF and VHF radio station of medium power "Artek"has been put into service in the Department of the Eastern military district stationed in the Republic of Buryatia.

In total, since the beginning of this year, more than 7 units of modern ground communication equipment have been delivered to the units and military units of the VVO combined arms Association, in particular, a modern control point based on the Tiger-M armored car, the latest R-419L1 and Artek satellite communication stations.

The arrival of new communication complexes and systems will allow the field to quickly deploy digital radio relay communication lines and broadband wireless access networks that can function both in normal conditions and in complex interference conditions and provide reliable and high-quality communication to government officials at various levels.

The new communication systems and facilities will ensure the construction of secure lines and communication networks for the transmission of digital information, and at the tactical level – the creation of secure wireless digital data networks.

The Artek radio station is designed to provide radio communication in short and ultrashort wave bands, with counteraction to ground and air electronic warfare systems.

The control center based on the Tiger-M armored car is designed to provide the district command with all modern communication services. The latest technical equipment of this machine allows you to provide the command staff with a secure and open telephone connection, organize a video conference and electronic correspondence on the move. The emphasis is on high mobility and security of the complex.

The R-419L1 radio relay station represents a modern generation of digital communication equipment that allows you to create a digital data transmission channel in the area from a stationary communication center to a field communication center at a distance of about 40 km, the press service of the Eastern military district reports.

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