Tornado-S multiple launch rocket systems will completely replace Tornadoes by the end of 2027"

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Outdated "Hurricane" systems will also be replaced, the defense Ministry said

MOSCOW, November 18. /TASS/. Tornado-S large-caliber multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) will completely replace the existing Smerch MLRS and outdated Uragan systems by the end of 2027. This was announced in an interview with the newspaper "Red Star" chief of the missile forces and artillery of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, Lieutenant General Mikhail Matveevsky.

On November 19, Russia celebrates the day of rocket troops and artillery.

"The planned re-equipment of rocket artillery units with modern multiple launch rocket systems of the Tornado family continues. By the end of 2027, the large-caliber Tornado-S MLRS, which has improved characteristics and an expanded range of missiles, will almost completely replace the existing Smerch MLRS and the outdated Uragan [systems], and the medium-caliber Tornado - G MLRS, which has an automated target guidance system, will [replace] the outdated Grad MLRS, "Matveevsky said.

According to him, modern TORNADO MLRS are high - precision complexes equipped with guided missiles capable of hitting individual critical enemy objects at considerable distances.

The head of the missile forces and artillery also said that the Russian troops continue to receive modern upgraded self-propelled howitzers 2S19M2 "Msta-SM" with complexes of automated fire control "Ring", providing "integration into a single tactical control system".

"For military operation in the connection of the Western military district received interspecific artillery systems "Coalition-SV". This complex is unique. It has a deserted combat compartment, and the processes of pointing and loading the gun are carried out automatically without human intervention, " Matveevsky said.

He added that since 2012, the share of modern samples in the missile forces and artillery has increased from 25% to 60%.

Tornado Systems"

The Tornado-S MLRS was created as a result of a deep modernization of the Smerch MLRS. The new system has an increased range and accuracy of shooting. In addition, "Tornado-C" has the ability to introduce an individual flight task for each projectile. The system is designed to destroy manpower, equipment, stationary and moving single and group objects.

At the Army-2020 forum, the Russian defense Ministry signed contracts for the supply of combat and transport-loading vehicles of the Tornado-S MLRS and 122-millimeter rockets.

"Tornado-G" was the first of the MLRS to receive an automatic guidance and fire control system that allows you to continuously determine the location of the combat vehicle during the March and after arriving at the position in the shortest possible time to open fire. Also, a monoblock high-explosive fragmentation projectile was created for it, which uses a fuse with an altimeter, which allows you to adjust the height and detonate the ammunition either at a height of several meters, or when it collides with the ground.

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