Russian helicopters flew to their home airfields in Karabakh

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Image source: © РИА Новости / Министерство обороны РФ

MOSCOW, Nov 12-RIA Novosti. Mi-8 and Mi-24 helicopters taking part in the peacekeeping operation in Nagorno-Karabakh have flown to their home airfields, the Russian defense Ministry said.

"Mi-8 and Mi-24 helicopters, delivered by An-124 military transport aircraft to participate in the peacekeeping operation, flew to their home airfields," the report said.

It is noted that the helicopters are prepared for operation by the engineering staff.

"The army aviation crews performed training flights on helicopters and departed to their home airfields to perform tasks in the interests of the peacekeeping contingent," the report adds.

The Russian peacekeeping force will consist of 1,960 military personnel with small arms, 90 armored personnel carriers, 380 vehicles and other equipment.

The mi-8 is a multi-purpose helicopter used for civil and military missions. Mi-24-attack helicopter, took part in dozens of armed conflicts, including as part of the Soviet troops in Afghanistan.

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