2011.11.18 11:12

The Adventourer Kit Heli from Composite Helicopter Debuts at AirVenture 4-5-местный вертолет

Based on preliminary design data with the C20B/J engine, performance specifications are estimated to include a 135-knot cruise speed, 3.6 hour endurance (on standard tanks) and 5.26-hour endurance with auxiliary tanks, though as Mahoney points out, that’s more than most pilots and passengers would want at one stretch. The hover ceiling (IGE) is expected to be more than 10,000 feet, rate of climb more than 1000 feet per minute, and maximum operating altitude 14,000 feet.
The basic kit price is $335,000, and the quickbuild option adds $44,500. The estimated completed price of the Adventourer is $395,000.
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