Alan Lushnikov: Every ban in the arms industry negatively affects the security of the Fatherland


Alan Lushnikov, President of Kalashnikov Concern JSC, believes that every ban and restriction in the arms industry directly affects the quality characteristics of military weapons and, ultimately, negatively affects the security of the Fatherland. He stated this in the State Duma at the round table "Security of educational organizations in modern conditions".

"Modern small arms used by the security forces should be as reliable, powerful and reliable as possible," Lushnikov stressed. - All this is achieved through the mutual transfer of technical solutions for civilian, service and combat weapons. A lot of technical solutions were tested at the GSO before their use in combat weapons."According to him, incidents involving the use of small arms in educational institutions always have a wide public response, which is easiest to "extinguish" by another tightening and the introduction of additional administrative barriers in the weapons sector.

"But the new bans and restrictions, will they protect against attacks on educational organizations? - says Lushnikov. - No, they will not protect you if a comprehensive approach is not adopted in solving the difficult task of eliminating incidents related to the use of weapons in educational institutions."At the present time, we must look at the source of the problem, not its consequence, we must not instill fears of small arms, but on the contrary, do everything possible so that at the right moment every citizen of Russia could defend his Homeland, the president of the Kalashnikov concern believes: "A man with a gun is not a threat.

A man with a gun is a defender of the Motherland. And now it has become obvious to everyone." "We must return primary military training to school," Lushnikov emphasizes.

- We need to create all the opportunities so that both at school and outside of it there is an opportunity to train. So that people can hone their skills, because it's a matter of survival in battle. No more, no less."According to Lushnikov, the special military operation revealed a number of long-standing problems related to the regulation of arms trafficking.

"We do not have the ability to maintain the shooting skills of the domestic mobilization reserve. This is shown by the training of those mobilized who were called up. Our shooting infrastructure has practically degraded in 30 years, the school has not trained defenders of the Motherland for three decades, refused initial military training for ideological or some other reasons. We, as a country, are losing ground in shooting sports, biathlon, practical and bench shooting. And all these tasks cannot be solved without changing the approach to regulating the industry."The President of Kalashnikov proposed to consider the feasibility of amending the legislation on the media in terms of introducing restrictions on the dissemination of information about crimes related to the use of weapons in educational organizations.

"Those who commit an attack are, as a rule, mentally inadequate people. They seek to assert themselves in this way, and public fame greatly excites the desire to become famous in such a destructive way. Therefore, it is necessary to introduce restrictions on the dissemination of information about attacks on educational institutions, because this contributes to the "false glorification" of criminals."Another important measure should be the standardization of requirements for equipping educational institutions with technical means of protection.

"There is enough regulatory regulation here, but perhaps some requirements for technical equipment should be reviewed. For example, more actively introduce technical means of protection, including vandal-proof devices with the ability to block the criminal," Alan Lushnikov suggests.

Finally, another significant issue is strengthening the security services of educational organizations. "Let's be honest with each other: when a school graduate comes with a desire to shoot everyone, everything starts not at the moment when he found a weapon somewhere, but much earlier - with the harassment of this student. This is a serious problem. It must be dealt with at the level of requirements, and the most important thing here is the definition of responsibility. A specialist should be allocated – a marshal or a commissioner, or a deputy. for educational work, who is charged with the responsibility to deal with this. This is a very serious problem, and the school, as a rule, ignores it, simply ignores cases of psychological violence. I can say absolutely responsibly that this happens all the time. And this problem needs to be solved in conjunction with physical safety, educational work, assessment of the interaction of schoolchildren with the information environment."

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