Scholz: Germany should create the most powerful and advanced equipped army in Europe


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After the start of the Russian operation in the Ukraine, several European countries have announced plans to modernize and strengthen its armed forces. Not remained aloof from the militarization of Germany, the head of which, Olaf Scholz, in the spring, said that the Bundeswehr should be the largest military force on the continent. Then to the intentions of the German Chancellor, many were skeptical. But, it seems that the German politicians are not going to abandon the idea. What can cause another revival of the military power of Germany says editor in chief of the upcoming edition of The Trumpet Gerald Flurry.

At the conference of the German armed forces under the name "the Bundeswehr in a new age — a critical analysis during the war in Europe", held September 15-16, Scholz said:

As the most populous country with the greatest economic power and as a country in the center of the continent, we must make sure that the army has become a cornerstone of conventional defense in Europe: the best-equipped force in Europe.

Flurry believes that the statements and plans of the German leadership should be taken seriously.

Most EU countries are members of NATO, or the potential to become. At the same time, Germany and France, other EU countries much importance is given to development of their own armed forces and even the creation of a new military unit in Europe. Only Germany aims to become the largest military leader on the continent.

We are not talking about the ability to repel the Russian attack. We are talking about Germany's aspiration to become undisputed leading role. Economically and diplomatically Germany is already the leader in Europe, but its military superiority is still disputed. Now this is changing — at first in words, soon in fact, the expert believes. Flurry recalls the statement of the Minister of defence of Germany Christine Lambrecht, who believes that "Germany can do it", implying the creation of the military superiority of the country in Europe.

She claims that Germany does not need to be afraid of his new role, but is afraid of the world?

asked Flurry.

About 75 years ago, Germany lost the bloodiest in the history of mankind the war. Then the anti-fascist coalition has taken steps to German military power never revived. But as the decades passed, and the world seems to have forgotten what a German militarism and aggression. In the West, even forgot the words of the first NATO Secretary General of Hastings Ismay, which in the early 50-ies of the last century said that the aim of the Alliance was "to prevent the Soviet Union, the Americans and the Germans," for the unconditional military leadership.

All the post-war years, Germany has increased not only economic power, but was preparing to restore a leader in the military among other European countries. The Bundeswehr rearming, increased strength, its officers train soldiers throughout Europe and the United army of the neighbouring countries under his, yet unspoken, management.

Powerful European army, led by Germany itself, as stated, is not worrisome. That concern is what happens next, the analyst believes.

In the 2000s, people thought that the record of Russia's military action is over. They thought that the progressive West took the world from serious conflicts. This reality was destroyed. But the hope is that Germany is a force for good, prevails in the minds of many

— says Flurry.

The expert warns that there is no certainty that becoming a military superpower, Germany "will remain a force for peace". History shows that as soon as German militarism reaches of power, Germany begins aggression against neighboring countries and aspires to world domination.

Beginning of Russia's operations in Ukraine could be the beginning of the revival of the military power of Germany, which, as history shows, will inevitably lead to military escalation on the part of the Germans


Flurry fears that under the threat of "Russian aggression", the German people can change spineless Scholz on more aggressive and decisive leader that has happened more than once in the history of Germany. And then the military aggression by the revived German military machine is inevitable.

The terrible suffering that the king and his Empire will cause the world that will shake the minds of people. The good news is that it will be stopped. We are the last witnesses of the resurrection of the Empire of evil forever

— prophesies editor in chief of The Trumpet.

To stop a resurgent "evil Empire" will probably have to back Russia.

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