Russia sends more than 70 special forces to Pakistan for training

Image source: © РИА Новости, Виталий Тимкив

Rostov-on-Don. November 4. INTERFAX-YUG - More than 70 military units of special purpose the 49th combined arms army of the southern military district, stationed in the Stavropol region will participate in the Russian-Pakistani exercise "Friendship-2020", the press service of YUVO.

"The military personnel of the southern military DISTRICT have completed preparations for the joint Russian-Pakistani military exercise Druzhba-2020, which will be held from November 5 to 21 in the territory of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. In preparation for the exercise, the special forces of the southern military DISTRICT for a month improved their skills in conducting reconnaissance, search and ambush operations, disguising and covert movement on the ground, as well as arranging long - term observation posts and survival in isolation from the main forces," the report says.

The military also worked out ways to detect camouflaged command posts, radio stations and communication centers, clusters of equipment and ammunition depots, capture strategically important enemy objects, and perform parachute-free landing from Mi-8AMTSH military transport helicopters to limited areas of the terrain.

The Druzhba-2020 exercise will be held in accordance with the international military cooperation plan at the special operations forces training ground in Tarbela, as well as At the national counter-terrorism center in Pabbi.

In total, more than 150 Russian and Pakistani military personnel will be involved in the exercise.

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