2011.11.09 23:50

Ultrasonic holography detector United States Patent 6,831,874 Garlick , et al. December 14, 2004

There is disclosed an improved ultrasonic hologram or other ultrasonic imaging process that accurately forms phase and amplitude information of the hologram in a manner that renders the unit relatively insensitive to environment vibrations, and provides long maintenance free functioning lifetime. Specifically, there is disclosed an improved ultrasonic hologram detector component that forms an ultrasonic hologram on the surface of a detection deformable detector material, resulting from the deformation of the surface. The surface deformation is due to the reflection of an ultrasound (ultrasonic) energy profile of the combination of an "object wave" that passes through an object and that of a "reference wave" that is directed to the surface at an off axis angle from the "object wave".